Business Development Coordinator (Animation)

Business Development Coordinator (Animation)


Jamaica enjoys a brand that is recognised and sought after worldwide. However, thus far the brand has mostly been highlighted in music and sports. The Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries (YEDAI) Project, implemented by The Office of The Prime Minister (OPM), aims to continue promoting Brand Jamaica, by giving it enhanced visibility in the animation and digital industries. Success in highlighting the “brand” of the country in the realm of the digital economy could result in significant job creation and foreign exchange.  The strengthening of “Brand Jamaica” from this perspective will include the active pursuit of business awareness campaigns and events which will be internationally publicized and garner international participation. It will thus bolster the pride Jamaicans have, not just of creative local artistes, but of globally successful creative innovators.

Component one (1) of the project aims to build “Skills and Capacity to Enhance Employability and Entrepreneurship”. Among the activities to be supported in this area are business development initiatives/interventions for the local animation industry. The operation will finance consulting services for the design, establishment, and delivery of a program and finance the participation of Jamaican delegations in key trade markets, festivals, and road shows.

Animation companies in Jamaica report having received a large number of inquiries over the past few years for outsourced work. Proposed projects ranged from a 15-month, 52-episode Saturday morning cartoon for the European market, to a 6-month, 26- episode TV series in Canada. Industry leaders in the country are confident that due to the high demand for outsourced animation, and given Jamaica’s increasingly renowned reputation in this area, there is a high prospect for business opportunities in this industry which could present significant benefits to Jamaica’s economy. If each of the 4 local animation companies could accept just two concurrent 6-month contracts (i.e. 4 contracts over a year), this would represent earnings of an average of US $42,000 per episode (26 episodes per series), and an influx of $15-20 million of foreign currency per year and create 500 – 1000 new jobs.

Furthermore, given the popularity of the Jamaica culture, there is an increasing demand for the development of local content for local consumption and for export. As an example, a local animation studio created the Caribbean’s first animated series, which was a big hit in Jamaica and has been distributed regionally and in several international markets.

However, existing animation studios in Jamaica are small and assistance with growing their businesses is critical to achieving the objective of building the industry and creating new employment opportunities for youth.


The general objective of the YEDAI Project is to support youth employment in the digital and animation industries. Under Component 1 ‘Skills and Capacity to Enhance Employability and Entrepreneurship’ the project seeks to build the capacity and skills of Jamaican youths to improve their employability in the growing animation industry and in the global online labour market, and provide critical skills to young tech entrepreneurs to bring ideas to market. There are two sub-components: Sub-Component 1 –Strengthening Animation Training and Sub-Component 2 – Enhancing the Animation Industry by collaborating with key stakeholders, especially Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), Jamaica’s national investment and export promotion agency, mandated to drive Jamaica’s economic development through growth in investment and export. The activities include (a) the development of specific collateral to enhance the industry’s business capacity (for example support to develop production bibles,  trailers, scripts, financing plans, licensing plans, merchandising and digital strategies (VOD and interactive videogames), to improve the capacity of studios to secure production and output deals with established international studios (b) financing the participation of the animation studios and key stakeholders in international events and facilitating support for professional networking and (c) developing a policy note to enhance the framework and strategic plan for the animation industry to engage in a longer-term policy dialogue.


The Business Development Coordinator (Animation) will be responsible for providing efficient administrative support, coordination, and monitoring in the implementation of the following initiatives and programmes to be undertaken by Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), in collaboration with the Office of The Prime Minister (OPM):

  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring a Business Development and Market Attendance Programme which will groom production studio managers and other creative entrepreneurs to make their businesses more profitable and sustainable.
  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring a campaign that will sensitize local financiers and investors on the business opportunities and sustainability of the Animation Industry in Jamaica.
  • Preparation of a policy note which will contribute to the longer term policy dialogue which will culminate in the development of an Animation Policy


 Type of Consultancy

The work will be carried out by an Individual Consultant with expertise in Project Management, Business Management, Management Consulting, Public Administration, Media/Communications Studies and/or Film/Animation. Knowledge of current trends and players in areas of film, animation, and digital businesses would be an asset.

Reporting Relationship

The Consultant will report to the Project Manager (YEDAIP)in the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), Office of The Prime Minister (OPM) and will have a functional /operational relationship with to the Film Commissioner / Creative Industries Manager (JAMPRO), the Business Development Consultant (JAMPRO), and the Animation Specialist (PIU-OPM). The Consultant will be located in the JAMPRO office.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience

  • /BSc. Degree in Business Administration, Management Studies, Public Administration, Administrative Management, Media/Communications Studies, Film or Animation Production, or related field from an accredited tertiary institution.
  • At least three (3) years’ experience working in the screen-based industries (film, animation, or digital) in a project management or coordination role.
  • Demonstrated evidence of knowledge of current trends and players (local and international) in the screen-based industries would be an asset.
  • Experience in the public service environment would be an asset.

Performance Standards

  • High quality coordination support delivered consistently to JAMPRO and to the OPM.
  • High quality administrative support delivered consistently to the Business Development Consultant (JAMPRO)
  • Confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism are displayed in the execution of duties and personal conduct.
  • Key deliverables are produced within agreed timeframes and to required standards.
  • Established deadlines, targets and quality standards are consistently met.

Required Competencies

  • Ability to think and act strategically across a wide range of functions.
  • Ability to multitask, pay attention to detail, work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent planning and organization skills.
  • Excellent negotiating, problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong customer orientation skills.
  • Ability to create effective tracking and management systems and to follow up and carry tasks through to successful completion.
  • Ability to work on own initiative and with minimal guidance.
  • Ability to exercise sound judgement and conviction of purpose in unfavourable or unpopular situations.
  • Ability to interface with senior government and private sector officials both locally and internationally.
  • High level of diplomacy and initiative.
  • Good working knowledge of commonly used computer applications.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.


The Business Development Coordinator will work in close collaboration with the Business Development Consultant to administer, implement, and monitor the following programme activities:

  • Implementing a Business Development and Market Attendance Programme. This will include, but is not be limited to:
  • Planning, organizing, and scheduling the execution of:
    1. Meetings with key stakeholders (production studios, creative entrepreneurs who wish to start a studio, and expert trainers in the animation industry) in the preparation for the training component.
    2. The training component, including master classes, seminars, workshops;
    • Coordinate all components of market attendance opportunities to select international and regional trade markets and strategic meetings (including booking flights, hotels, collecting biometric data, and making recommendations for payments to the Project Manager );
    • Provide administrative support the Film Commissioner and the Business Development Consultant in preparation for market attendance, including setting up appointments and match-making meetings , setting up of exhibition spaces, participation on panel discussions and seminars, maximizing networking opportunities and other benefits;
  • Implementing a campaign to sensitize and engage local financiers and investors on the business opportunities and sustainability of the Animation Industry in Jamaica. The main objective is to equip local investors with the tools and knowledge needed to invest in Jamaica creative businesses, and contribute to the development of export-ready animated content and investment-ready production companies. The campaign may include, but is not limited to the following sub activities:
    • Conducting key stakeholder meetings with the local investors and financiers to hear from them directly the challenges faced and needs.
    • Organizing and managing the attendance to one (1) outward mission per cohort year to meet with international financiers of animated films.
  • Development of the Animation Policy Note and provision of administrative support to the Policy Development consultant.
  • In addition the Business Development Coordinator will:
    • Coordinate and manage a schedule of events/activities for the remaining life of the YEDAI Project. The schedule will identify the various events to attend, profile of participants, goals to be achieved, products to be displayed and composition of Jamaican delegations (which may include both industry and government representatives as needed);
    • Undertake administrative duties for the scheduling of meetings, recording and transcribing of meeting minutes, preparation and distribution of minutes of the meetings;
    • Contribute to the preparation of Operational Plans and Budgets for the YEDAI Project, and monitor and track key deliverables;
  • Prepare technical reports and documents, including work plans, monthly and other project status reports;
  • Maintain client relationships including liaison/ communication with key stakeholders;
  • Exercise initiative in the performance of all job functions and in dealing with matters in the absence of the Business Development Consultant;
  • Collaborate with the project Procurement Specialist in procurement of goods and services required for the execution of the project and in keeping with guidelines of the World Bank and Government of Jamaica;
  • Respond to routine and other queries in an appropriate manner;
  • Anticipate the needs related to daily activities, and in consultation with the Business Development Consultant, determine the priorities for action;
  • Liaise with relevant staff in JAMPRO, OPM and with the partners (Animation Studios, Training Institutions, Trainers, Government Agencies) as well as other stakeholders in the public and private sector to ensure timely two-way communication required for effective implementation of initiatives;
  • Manage work in a confidential manner, ensuring information is shared with internal and external individuals in an appropriate manner; provide guidance to others as necessary regarding sensitive/confidential information;
  • Follow up on action items and their implementation;
  • Perform other tasks and duties as required.


The contract will be for a period of eighteen (18) months in the first instance with the possibility of extension (on satisfactory performance) to the end of the project.


 JAMPRO and/or the Business Development Consultant will review and approve of the documents prepared and submitted by the Business Development Coordinator .


A lump sum contract will be awarded to the selected candidate based on technical merit. Payments shall be made monthly based on submission and acceptance of:Monthly reports to the Project Manager of the YEDAI Project, detailing all activities implemented in the previous month and including a work plan for the upcoming month. These activities will reflect implementation support to the Business Development Consultant and consistent with duties and responsibilities described above.


  • Effective coordination of the activities implemented under the Business Development and Market Attendance Programme in collaboration with the Business Development Consultant.
  • Monthly reports to the Project Manager (YEDAIP), and to the Film Commissioner (JAMPRO). The reports should include achievements for the past reporting period and plans for the upcoming month, challenges and mitigation strategies.
  • Preparation of a Policy Note for input into the Animation Policy
  • Preparation of reports and other documents as requested by the Project Manager , Film Commissioner, Animation Specialist and Business Development Consultant subject to the approval of the Project Manager.

Efficient organization of meetings and follow-up activities.