Project Procurement Specialist

Project Procurement Specialist


Project Procurement Specialist Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries Project



Jamaica is the largest English speaking country in the Caribbean with a population of approximately 2.7 million.

In the recent past, economic shocks, amplified by some structural weaknesses in the economy, have impacted the country’s efforts to reduce poverty; with the result being a rise in unemployment particularly among women and youth (ages 15-30).

Committed to restoring growth and building an inclusive and prosperous Jamaica, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) prepared and garnered local and international support for a comprehensive program of fiscal adjustment and structural reforms. In May 2013, the GOJ embarked on an ambitious reform program which obtained the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) through an Extended Fund Facility for Special Drawing Rights of 615.4 million (about US$932.3 million) for the period of April 2013 to March 2017. The Program, which supports debt restructuring, fiscal consolidation, and financial sector reforms, has remained on track, with all reviewed to date being successfully completed.

Notwithstanding, it is recognized that the mismatch of skill sets when compared with the fast changing labour market is another reason for underemployment in Jamaica, particularly among youth; as a large percentage of unemployed youth possess both secondary and tertiary level academic qualifications. The online market therefore presents a unique and attractive opportunity for young Jamaicans, since via the virtual economy, youth can access employment opportunities globally, while residing locally.

Presently, the number of Jamaicans participating in global online work is significantly below its potential. Therefore, by addressing barriers to entry, exposing Jamaican youth to the various global platforms for online work and taking advantage of new opportunities in the virtual economy and leveraging its strengths, Jamaican youth have the opportunity to bypass limitations of the national labour market.

In addition to the “app economy” and the “virtual labour market” which has seen exponential growth, the animation industry has also been growing and continues to grow substantially. At an annual growth rate of roughly 9%, the global animation industry is currently valued at approximately US$220 billion; with a potential demand gap of about 30,000 animators in the outsourcing of animation production.

Jamaica is particularly poised to take advantage of the opportunities in this industry since it is close to major markets, can operate in the same time-zone and possesses the cultural norms and tastes that are close to those of consumers in the large outsourcing markets of the Western hemisphere. In addition, given the popularity of the Jamaican culture there is an increasing
demand for the development of local content for both consumption and export. Coupled with the foregoing, structural shifts in the global economy have given rise to the need to harness both technological and non-technological innovation for economic growth. Jamaica has a commendable history of providing scientific and technological research for use in both local and international industries. However, commercializing Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) remains a challenge and even more so developing a culture of STI entrepreneurship, (as securing financing for innovation and firm’s inability to wait for long periods of time (perceived or real) before investments can be recovered or a positive return realized have been identified as critical obstacles to innovation).


The general objective of this project therefore is to foster innovation and support youth employment in the digital and animation industries. The specific objectives are to: 1) Develop skills and capacities in 2D and 3D animation and a policy framework and strategic plan for the growth of the animation industry in Jamaica; 2) provide support to the development of digital and technical skills for youth 3) support innovative information technology applications with commercial potential.


The Project Procurement Specialist will be responsible for:

  1. Along with Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industries (YEIDAI) Project Manager and staff of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), coordinating project procurement activities by preparing and updating detailed procurement plan and planning procurement actions in general. In this regard the Procurement Specialist will: i. Update the PPSD as required ii. Uploading and updating of the procurement plan in STEP (including uploading of procurement documents iii. Preparation of periodic reports on procurement activities and contracts for the Project Manager and the Bank.
  2. Along with YEDAIP Project Manager, Technical Staff, OPM and other Project Implementing Partners, coordinating procurement actions by: i. carry out the process of procurement of services, goods and equipment; ii. carry out the process of recruitment of technical assistance consultants. The Procurement Specialist will provide support to the technical specialists in preparing and reviewing of Terms of References and guide the process through to the issuing of contracts. iii. ensure that all procurement procedures are in strict conformity with the relevant Procurement Guidelines of the IBRD and the GOJ; iv. administer contracts for goods and services after signature; v. Assist OPM and other Implementing Partners on supervision of the contracts for equipment installation; as required.
  3. Making arrangements for Advertising (General Procurement Notice, Specific Procurement Notice, and Request for Expressions of Interest etc).
  4. Preparing the Bidding Documents in coordination with the relevant Implementing Partners.
  5. Preparing responses to clarification and issues resulting from bidder’s queries of the bidding documents.
  6. Preparing procurement documents for submission to IBRD for no–objection, if applicable.
  7. Issuing documents to Bidders, where applicable.  Organizing and conduct Public Bid Opening, where applicable.
  8. Coordinating the Bid Evaluation Process, (including attendance at all evaluation meetings) .
  9. Preparing Bid Evaluation Report and submit to IBRD for “no objection”, if applicable.
  10. Preparing draft contracts
  11. Finalizing procurement actions by: (i) representing the OPM as necessary to facilitate compliance and expedition of any project related importation through the normal channels; (ii) assisting the designated technical staff in regions in inspection and reception of equipment and goods, as necessary.
  12. Establishing a monitoring system to ensure the completion of the procurement process according to the Procurement Plan.
  13. Any other duties assigned by the Project Manager relating to planning, execution and monitoring of project activities


  • First Degree in Management, Administration, Public Administration (Engineering or Finance) or equivalent qualification
  • Minimum of four years of relevant working experience
  • Good command of the English language
  • Project management training is an asset
  • Experience working in a project management environment

Specific knowledge:

  • Sound Knowledge of Government of Jamaica and World Bank procurement policies and procedures for Procurement and Selection of Consultants, Goods, etc
  • Reporting for major donors
  • Basic GOJ Finance and Audit Act and Financial Regulations

Required Skills and Specialized Techniques:

  • Analytical skills, ability to develop and implement procurement systems
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Advanced computer skills (experience in using MS office software or other equivalent software)
  • Conflict Management skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Integrity and Confidentiality
  • Communication and time management skills

5.0 REPORTING/SUPERVISION The Project Procurement Specialist will be supervised by the YEDAI Project Manager in the OPM and will directly liaise with: Internally: All members of staff [administration, procurement and financial]

Externally: Funding Agencies representatives, Technical Officers, Contractors, Consultants, Suppliers, External Auditors, Ministry of Finance and Planning and other stakeholders

6.0 DURATION The contract will be for an initial period of two (2) years , starting from the date of signing the contract agreement with OPM, with a possibility of extension to the closing date of the project