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Jamaicans Must Join Together to Protect Our Women and Children Urges Mrs Holness

Member of Parliament for East Rural St. Andrew and wife of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Mrs Juliet Holness, says Jamaicans must unite to protect our women and children.

Mrs Holness says she is shocked by the brazen and gruesome nature of the recent incidents of violence against women and children. “As a wife and mother I am shocked at what is happening in my country and I want it to stop. This fight will never be won on an individual basis, it calls for collective action. This calls for a commitment of all – Jamaicans, teachers, pastors, members of the security forces, the business community, everybody to report these instances of violence,” she stated.

Mrs Holness said she is happy that the Joint Select Committee of Parliament to review laws to protect women and children has recommenced. She urged all Jamaicans to speak out against violence against women and children. “A mind set change is needed in the society. Many of our men do not respect women and too many of our children are being abused. Our contribution as women is invaluable as we continue to hold the family structure together and provide a safe haven for our children to realize their dreams. Their innocence gives enough reason for us to protect them.”

The Member of Parliament for East Rural St. Andrew says she supports any initiative that seeks to build awareness of the issues surrounding violence against women and children and is calling on all Jamaicans to increase their level of awareness and not be afraid to speak out.



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