Cabinet Minister

The Honourable Zavia Mayne MP

The Honourable

Zavia Mayne MP

State Minister in the Ministry of National Security

Responsibility: National Security

The Hon. Zavia Mayne is a Jamaican born Attorney-at-Law, Businessman, and Member of Parliament for the constituency of South West St. Ann; he is the Minister of State in the Ministry of National Security.

He earned, through the University of London, a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and thereafter went on to obtain his Legal Education Certificate at the Norman Manley Law School in 2008. Minister Mayne is also the holder of a Bachelor’s of Science in Pure, and Food Chemistry.

He has occupied a multiplicity of posts in both the private and public sectors serving on bodies such as The Trade Board, Jamaica Racing Commission and Factories Cooperation to name a few.

Minister Mayne’s ongoing mission is to improve, transform and to re-vamp the socio-economic realities of his primarily agricultural based constituency of South West St. Ann, and that of Jamaicans in general. Core to this vision is the introduction and improvement of infrastructure and the improvement of the standard of living of residents; ameliorating access to education, employment, social aid and developing and increasing access to housing solutions.

He is a firm believer in charity, and self-improvement and that the best and truest form of happiness is that attained through the advancement of all!