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Government On a Mission to Ensure Proper Shelter for All Jamaicans

Government On a Mission to Ensure Proper Shelter for All Jamaicans

Prime Minister Holness says the increased pace with which New Social Housing Projects are being completed will aid in the transformation of the society.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government has been moving at a rapid and efficient pace to ensure more Jamaicans benefit from proper shelter through the New Social Housing Programme (NSHP).

The Prime Minister stated that with the implementation of an improved process and system, more persons will benefit from the NSHP. He further stated that there will be macro and micro impact stemming from the programme.

Prime Minister Holness said: “The technology exists to build a house in just one week. Once we refine it to that level of precision, science and engineering then we will be able to increase the pace at which we transform our society.”

In the meantime, the Prime Minister underscored that the NSHP is about giving hope to others and ensuring that the society is rid of pessimism and despair.

“If people don’t have hope then despair will set in. If people don’t have hope then they will take a pessimistic view of the future and if people don’t have hope then they will not be reasonable.”

Furthermore, the Prime Minister stated that the programme will also help to break intergenerational poverty and give future generations a positive outlook.

The Prime Minister was speaking yesterday (June 17, 2022) at the handing over ceremony of a new social housing unit in Wakefield District, Trelawny.

The recipient, Ms Brenda Grant, received a brand new three-bedroom house through the NSHP. So far, the Government has handed over 73 units under this programme, with the aim of reaching 100 by August.