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Government Providing Targeted Support to Jamaicans Who Need it

Government Providing Targeted Support to Jamaicans Who Need it

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government must manage the economy through these turbulent times, by balancing the need for fiscal responsibility with the needs of the people.

The Prime Minister noted that the way the Government is managing the economy has allowed Jamaicans to maintain their jobs which enables them to earn a living and provide for their families.

He said a welfare transfer would provide only temporary relief, and even so, there is no guarantee that aid will reach those who most need it.

In this regard, the Prime Minister stated that targeted assistance is the best option, together with sound economic management to ensure more Jamaicans obtain and keep their jobs. He said this is the most guaranteed way to protect Jamaicans economically.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister highlighted the ways in which the Government is assisting Jamaicans:

1. Electricity subsidy – if your consumption is within 200 kilowatts or less the government pays 20% of the cost.

2. Assistance to Registered Transport Operators – those formally registered will receive support for fuel and other necessary resources.

3. The New Social Pension Programme for the Elderly – Persons 75 years and over can look forward to a cheque at regular intervals.

Prime Minister Holness says Jamaicans must be discerning in listening to the comments of those who would seek to undermine the work of the government to secure stability,  noting that under similar circumstances, those persons failed to provide any type of support to the Jamaican people whereas this Government is doing so on a large scale.

In view of the global geopolitical situation, Prime Minister Holness said Jamaica must be fiscally wise to avoid a calamitous outcome which would displace thousands of Jamaicans.

He is encouraging every Jamaican to remain faithful to the economic policies that have served the country well and enabled it to provide immediate cash support to the most vulnerable.