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Government to Enhance Communal Spaces Through Partnerships

Government to Enhance Communal Spaces Through Partnerships

Government is targeting more partnerships to improve and expand communal spaces across the island.

In a significant step towards improving the lives of Jamaican citizens, the Government of Jamaica has partnered with CEMEX Jamaica, a global leader in building materials, to enhance communal spaces and drive positive transformation within communities. The move aims to uplift the infrastructure, promote social development, and foster a sense of pride and well-being among residents.

Speaking at the CEMEX official opening of Concrete Road on Thursday (July 13, 2023), Prime Minister Andrew Holness highlighted the historical journey of the community of Compound in West Central St. Andrew. The area faced numerous challenges in the past. The Prime Minister mentioned that Compound is now seen as one of resilience and determination, and the residents have taken ambitious steps to improve their living conditions, transforming wooden structures into concrete ones.

Recognizing the community’s need for better infrastructure, the government has actively supported various initiatives to enhance living standards. The Prime Minister said: “We have taken down the zinc fences. We have paved the roadways in the area and now today we are here to mark another important milestone in the development of your infrastructure.”

In that regard, the partnership with CEMEX addresses longstanding concerns related to flooding and inadequate access during heavy rains. Prime Minister Holness assured the community that with these newly paved pathways and proper water channeling, residents can now walk comfortably within minutes after a heavy shower, providing a sense of security and convenience.

Beyond the physical improvements, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of community pride and well-being. He mentioned that living in an area that lacks comfort, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal impacts one’s overall sense of self-worth. He further expressed that it is crucial that residents also embrace this initiative and improve their own circumstances.

He stated, “Your government is making the investment to improve the quality of life that you have, but you must also make the commitment to do the things necessary to improve your quality of life.”

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness acknowledged the potential economic benefits resulting from the project. “I know that the entertainment industry, which is quite vibrant in this community will benefit from having a well-paved area,” said the Prime Minister.

Additionally, he noted that investments will be made to add lighting, park-like benches, and surveillance cameras to ensure safety, promote economic growth, and create opportunities for our young entrepreneurs.

Prime Minister Holness also emphasized the government’s commitment to installing security cameras throughout the community as a critical measure to enhance safety and boost economic activities.

“Security is the basis of all economic success,” declared the Prime Minister. These cameras will be strategically placed to safeguard their privacy while providing a safer environment for all. The installations will also help identify any potential threats and criminal activity, ensuring that everyone benefits from a secure community.

In closing, the Prime Minister assured the community of continued investments and urged residents to embrace the opportunity for positive change.

The partnership between the government and CEMEX symbolizes the shared vision of creating thriving communities that uplift the lives of citizens.