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PM Andrew Holness says Economic Growth is not a pipe dream

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Economic Growth is not a pipe dream

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says that economic growth is not a pipe dream. The Prime Minister was speaking at the launch and signing ceremony of the declaration of intent to implement the Economic Growth Council’s growth plan at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Monday (November 7, 2016).

“Economic growth is not a popular angle because we are not accustomed to it after so many decades of not having economic growth. It must be a part of our culture, a part of our expectations. Implementation of the EGC eight steps growth plan is the function of the government” said Prime Minister Holness.

The EGC will ensure that the government maintains its commitment to the people of Jamaica to deliver real GDP growth of 5-percent in 4 years. The Council has dubbed the plan to grow the economy the 5 in 4 growth plan, which is vital to take Jamaica to prosperity.

The Prime Minister noted that the ‘5 in 4’ plan is an inclusive partnership for all Jamaicans.
“Building human capital is integral to the process of economic growth; the human being is at the centre. It’s about empowering people, ensuring that they have access to amenities and the requisite knowledge through education, which gives them the freedom to realize their potential”.

“This plan is pro poor; it takes into consideration all the elements that will include the poor, the dispossessed and the vulnerable”, added Prime Minister Holness.

The Economic Growth Council is a mechanism to bring public attention to the whole idea of economic growth. The Council was appointed by the Prime Minister to consult widely and to advise the Cabinet on a collection of broad platform policies that would facilitate the removal of various obstacles to economic growth.

The Prime Minister and EGC Chairman, Michael Lee-Chin signed the declaration of intent with private sector groups, unions and civil society.

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