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PM says order in the public transport system will help stem murders

PM says order in the public transport system will help stem murders

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government is committed to confront the country’s murder problem.  He says it will be done through implementing measures to ensure order in the public transport system.

Referencing the recent policy directive to remove tints from all Public Passenger Vehicles, the prime minister insists that there should be clear view into vehicles to reduce and eliminate crimes, including abductions and rapes, on the public thoroughfare.

“We cannot allow criminals to use the transport system without fear. You are going to see more actions that will reduce the space that criminals have to act,” said Mr. Holness.

The Prime Minister asserted that the government must control small crimes as they lead to bigger crimes.

He said criminals should not use the public thoroughfare and public transportation to get away with crime.

“I am not going to be the prime minister that after two days we forget about it. This is going to be a consistent and persistent effort by the police.”

The Prime Minister thanked taxi operators who recently met with the Transport Authority and pledged support for the government’s policy directive.

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