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“The Government is Moving to Get Your Titles Registered”- PM Holness

“The Government is Moving to Get Your Titles Registered”- PM Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government continues to promote a culture of ownership by putting titles in the hands of rightful landowners across Jamaica through the Systematic Land Registration Programme.

Speaking yesterday, (June 1, 2022) at the Systematic Land Registration Titling Ceremony in Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Prime Minister Holness underscored that the Government will not just wait on persons to visit the National Land Agency (NLA) to register their titles, but instead, will approach citizen systematically to address the issue of land ownership.

The Prime Minister said, “The strategy of this Government is to acknowledge the social justice and equity issues in land settlement in Jamaica. We believe that every single Jamaican should have access to a minimum standard of shelter. We also believe firmly in creating the ownership economy, we believe that every Jamaican household should own some form of asset; land, housing, companies, machinery and equipment, intellectual property, we believe in ownership.”

Prime Minister Holness further stated, “I am confident, and I feel very happy that we now have a system in place that will ensure every square inch of land in Jamaica falls under a public register that secures the property rights and interest of the persons who own it and that is a major achievement for Jamaica 60.”