Commission of Strata Corporations

The Commission of Strata Corporation has two operational arms which are as follows:

Administrative Arm – this Section receives applications, prepares certificates, prepares Board papers and communicates with the client.

Investigative Arm – the division operates in the field gathering evidence and ensuring that the Registration (Strata Titles) Act is conformed with.

The following is a list of the services that are offered by the Commission of Strata Corporations:

  • initial registration of Strata Corporations;
  • issuing of certificates of registration;
  • annual registration of Strata Corporations;
  • issuing of annual certificates of registration;
  • investigation of complaints;
  • issuing of certificates authorizing Corporations to exercise power of sale;
  • mediating where there are disputes between members of executive of Strata Corporations and proprietors or between proprietors;
  • where there is a contravention of by-laws, the Commission may issue orders to ensure that this breach is corrected,
  • where it is derived that interest charged or maintenance fees charge is excessive, the Commission may issue orders to overturn or vary these;
  • issuing an order to ensure that an Annual General Meeting is held or actually arranging the AGM itself where the corporation is non-functional;
  • any other service that the Commission needs to perform whilst monitoring, regulating and supervising Strata Corporations.
Agency/Department Head

Mrs Sandra Watson (CEO)

24 Trafalgar Road

Kingston 10

(876) 926-9748/9 [Phone]

[email protected] [Fax]