National Land Agency (NLA)

The establishment of the NLA is the result of the Public Sector Modernisation Programme of the Government of Jamaica. It brings together the core land information functions of Government under one roof, and includes: Land Titles; Surveys & Mapping; Land Valuation & Estate (Crown Land) Management. This merger enables the Government to build on the synergy of these combined functions and create a modern national land (spatial) information system to support sustainable development.

It is recognized that more timely information about Jamaica’s geography is critical for decision makers in both the public and private sectors. The traditional services that the Agency provides, such as land registration, is one of the corner stones for development, in that most investment decisions for both small and large enterprises, are linked to land titling. A simple example is, the requirement for most business loans to be registered against a Registered Title. Titling also extends into the social fabric of civil society with the Government’s initiative to provide land to the less fortunate so that they may improve the quality of life for their families.

Agency/Department Head

Mrs. Elizabeth Stair (CEO/Commissioner of Lands)

23 1/2 Charles Street


(876) 750-5263 [Phone]

(876) 948-9513 [Fax]