Speech by the Prime Minister

Ceremony of Appointment for Chief of Defence Staff

Main Address

The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, MP

Prime Minister of Jamaica

at the

Ceremony of Appointment for Chief of Defence Staff


Thursday, December 1, 2016

3 p.m.

King’s House






Today is a significant day for the JDF and Jamaica, as the baton of Chief of Defence Staff is passed from Major General Antony Anderson to Major General Rocky Meade.   I extend my most sincere congratulations to Major General Rocky Meade; our new Chief of Defence Staff (CDS).


This transition speaks to the excellence of the JDF’s succession planning and I know that Major General Anderson, after successfully carrying the mandate of CDS for over six years, will confidently and seamlessly hand over to his Deputy.


Major General Meade has the experience, education and training to continue building on the solid foundation and development trajectory that has been set by his predecessors.   I have confidence that the legacy of the JDF and its value and relevance to Jamaica will continue, as new demands and new circumstances arise.


The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is an organization known for its discipline, commitment and values. It plays a critical strategic role in the nation’s development security and safety.


The men and women of the JDF extend themselves in defence of fellow citizens, on our streets, in the air, and in our maritime space. The resources) especially the human resources) and the capability of the JDF are significant and I further applaud its multi-sectoral approach, working with other strategic stakeholders including the Jamaica Constabulary Force. This strategy is key in ensuring the well-being of our citizens.


The JDF is known for the quality of leadership that its officer corps brings to the institution and to other areas of the public and private sector. We know that determination and organization are hallmarks of the JDF.


Major General Meade has indicated that he adheres to a philosophy that “nothing is impossible; things that may appear so at the outset or by some, actually just require deeper thought to implement.”


I echo Major General Meade’s sentiment.  This Government believes in making things happen by strategic planning, risk management, use of technology, effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation to achieve results with the constant focus being that of the desired outcomes.


The Government has an unremitting resolve, to address crime and build a bond of trust between our citizens and our security forces through professional conduct and mutual respect.  The National Security Council (NSC) is spearheading an integrated and comprehensive set of measures and actions, which will significantly and sustainably reduce crime in our country.  Areas to be carefully examined will include deployment, mobility, investigative capacities, procedures and legislation as we move to secure Jamaica.


The increased business and consumer confidence that we are now experiencing, which encourages both local and foreign investment in our country, must be bolstered by improving and safeguarding the security of our citizens. I thank the JDF for their efforts in this regard, as they continue to give of their best, in furtherance of a safer Jamaica.


I take this opportunity to thank Major General Anderson for his years of service to Jamaica and look forward to his invaluable experience as he embraces the critical role of National Security Advisor. I am certain that our Nation will benefit from his continued involvement and from his significant experience and expertise.


I again congratulate Major General Meade on his appointment as Chief of Defence Staff and know that he will continue to give his best in service to Jamaica, land we love.