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“There is no other way to address poverty, to get your children into school, to get you the housing, to improve your security and your healthcare, unless we fix our economy.” – Prime Minister Holness ——————————————————————————-   Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government’s steadfast commitment to sound economic management has ushered in a new […]
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“Our response must be grounded in empathy and compassion for those enduring the hardships of drought. To the farmers and rural communities on the frontline of this crisis, I offer my unwavering commitment to stand by your side and provide the assistance you need to survive and thrive.” – Prime Minister Holness  ——————————————————————————————–   Prime […]
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“The Government of Jamaica three years ago gave a directive to the board of the NHT that all their policy efforts must be focused on the delivery of affordable housing solutions.” – Prime Minister Holness ————————————————————————————–   Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government remains committed to providing affordable housing solutions tailored to different income […]

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Our vision for Jamaica is economic growth and job creation in all areas of the island.

The Morant Bay Urban Centre will bring a multitude of opportunities for residents, including employment in various sectors such as:
– Banking
– Business process outsourcing (BPO)
– Quick-service industries
– A modern courthouse
– Museum
– University of the Commonwealth Caribbean
– Supermarkets
– Fast food restaurants

This is the beginning of a transformative journey for the people of St. Thomas! #CaringForYou