Request for Messages

Guidelines for Requesting Messages from the Prime Minister

On request, the Prime Minister will send congratulatory messages to organizations locally and overseas. Messages are for special and extraordinary occasions.

In order to ensure that messages reach the organizations in time for the celebratory activities, a minimum notice of four weeks is required. The request for messages should be submitted via email to [email protected]

It is important that the requests include the following information:

  1. History, goals, achievements, etc., of the organization, or the pastor, or the person(s) being honoured and the reasons therefore;
  2. Anniversary/Celebration date, time, theme, venue and schedule of activities;
  3. Contact details of person to whom the message is to be sent, including name, postal address, telephone number, email and/or fax;
  4. How the Congratulatory Message will be used – newspaper supplement, magazine, newsletter, or other media, or to be read at a function;
  5. State the proposed name and date of publication in magazines, newspapers, or other media;
  6. The audiences to whom the message will be delivered or circulated
  7. The final date by which you would wish to receive the congratulatory message.

The Office of the Prime Minister requires four to six weeks’ notice to process all messages. Messages that do not meet the four week timeline may not be processed.