Citizen’s Charter

The OPM is committed to meeting the needs of its stakeholders in an efficient and professional manner. As our clients, you should expect the following standards of service:
When answering the telephone, we will:

  • answer calls within five (5) rings by identifying the Organisation and the receiver in a polite and professional manner;
  • answer questions courteously;
  • keep you informed if you are asked to “Hold”;
  • direct calls to specific Divisions/Units or persons without delay;
  • inform you of the name of the officer or section to which you are being transferred; and
  • give the name, and, if possible the telephone number of the relevant Government Ministry, Agency, Department or person who may be able to assist if we are not able to do so.

When dealing with queries (written correspondence & e-mail) we will:

  • respond within seven (7) working days of receiving correspondence;
  • reply within fifteen (15) working days if the subject matter is more complex and requires greater attention. If prolonged investigations are needed, we will contact you to explain the reason for the delay and, where possible, say when a response will be available;
  • answer questions directed to the Office as accurately and directly as possible;
  • distribute within one (1) working daymail addressed to OPM Departments and Officers.
  • When receiving visitors to our Office, we will:
    • see persons who have official appointments within ten (10) minutes of the appointment. If there is any delay, an explanation will be provided;
    • see persons without appointments requesting an audience with specific officers within thirty (30)minutes, if this is not possible, then an appointment will be scheduled;
    • inform security personnel who will provide visitors with a Visitor’s Pass and guide them to the correct Building/Division/Unit within five (5) minutes.
    • When planning meetings, we will:
      • notify you of meetings five (5) working days in advance where possible. For emergency meetings we will give maximum notification possible in each instance.
      • notify you in the event of a cancellation at least one (1) day in advance and in emergency situations, provide as much notice as possible before the scheduled meeting time.

When providing for persons with special needs, we will:

  • do all we can to assist you in making your visit comfortable and enjoyable. However, in order to accommodate your individual needs it is compulsory that you contact us in advance so that any special arrangements can be made;
  • provide facilities (ramps and rails) for persons with special needs.

When providing accounting services, we will:

  • make payments within ten (10) working days of receipt of invoices and bills submitted for goods and services which have been satisfactorily
  • supplied (provided all relevant documentation is in place). Where shorter term payments are required every effort will be made to pay on time;
  • give the reason for the delay if we are unable to make payments within the stipulated ten (10)working days, and inform suppliers when pay-ments will be made;
  • inform all suppliers of the necessary documentation (such as a valid purchase order) required to successfully complete the particular transaction.

Your Role

To ensure that you receive excellent service, you can assist us by:

  • providing full and accurate information;
  • explaining your concerns as clearly and concisely as possible;
  • being polite;
  • telling us when things go wrong;
  • providing relevant documentation in support of claims;
  • arriving on time for appointments and meetings;
  • adhering to all security regulations.


We will:

  • demonstrate the highest level of professional conduct in the performance of duties;
  • display a positive attitude and be pro-active in the exercise of our duties;
  • seek to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers in a helpful and courteous manner;
  • respect the privacy and dignity of our customers;
  • be impartial in our dealings with our customers;
  • deal with requests for service in a timely, efficient and effective manner;
  • provide timely and accurate information;
  • pay particular attention to those with special needs;
  • provide clear directional signs on the compound to assist visitors to locate their exact destination;
  • provide a pleasing and comfortable environment in which to conduct business;
  • ensure the acquisition of environmentally friendly goods and services;
  • facilitate meaningful follow-up of feedback and comments;
  • ensure that all staff members wear identification name badges to facilitate easy identification and greater security; and
  • be always mindful of the welfare of the most vulnerable in the society.


We will:

  • treat each other with respect and dignity;
  • work honestly, efficiently and creatively;
  • return telephone calls promptly,
  • answer all calls within three (3) rings by identifying the receiver and the Division/Unit;
  • communicate courteously;
  • dispatch mail within 24 hours of receipt at the Registry. If there is a delay, senders and recipients will be told and advised when the items will be dispatched;
  • strive always for equity and fairplay in our dealings with each other;
  • foster positive interaction between our internal and external customers;
  • seek to uphold the vision, mission and values of the Office of the Prime Minister;
  • engender an environment where religious beliefs and ideas can contend;
  • be always mindful of the welfare of the most vulnerable; and
  • aggressively pursue sustainable development practices which will ensure the protection of the environment and wise use of our natural resources.


Management will:

  • encourage employees to make suggestions for improvement of procedures;
  • listen to the views of employees;
  • seek to ensure the welfare of Staff;
  • provide a clean, safe, healthy and pleasant environment in which to work;
  • facilitate a learning environment with development opportunities for staff;
  • provide clear instructions and ensure mutual agreement on deadlines for the completion of tasks;
  • ensure that the appropriate resources are available to carry out assignments;
  • hold officers responsible for their performance with specific emphasis on service delivery;
  • acknowledge and provide continuous feedback on performance;
  • Encourage staff commitment to ongoing improvement of interpersonal communication, teamwork, internal and external customer service;
  • ensure there is a well trained and strongly motivated staff;
  • foster an environment of fair play and trust;
  • ensure staff members are familiar with the Grievance Procedure, Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Code and Delegations of Functions process; and
  • facilitate the resolution of conflict management and seek to provide the proper environment to manage conflict in a dignified, professional and sensitive manner.

Employees will:

  • make suggestions for the improvement of procedures where necessary;
  • freely communicate with management;
  • cooperate with the providers of employee welfare initiatives to ensure intended benefits are realized;
  • maintain a clean, safe, healthy and pleasant work environment;
  • continually search for new techniques and actions to improve general performance and more effective service delivery ;
  • collaborate with management on performance standards to ensure the efficient and effective completion of work;
  • employ appropriate resources to carry out assignments;
  • maintain interest and pride in their jobs;
  • use feedback to improve performance;
  • use avenues provided for career growth and development;
  • hold management accountable for effective leadership;
  • seek to inform themselves on the Grievance Procedure, Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Code and Delegation of Functions process;
  • commit to improving interpersonal communication, teamwork, internal and external customer service;
  • work ethically, efficiently and creatively and strive to merit employer’s trust; and use the procedures available for effective conflict management and resolution.
  • It is only by meeting these commitments to ourselves that we can truly meet our commitment to our customers.


The Office of the Prime Minister is constantly looking for ways to improve its service. It values and welcomes all comments and suggestions for improvement. If you have any problems with our service, let us know. Please forward any comments on the standards of service to:

The Permanent Secretary
Office of the Prime Minister
1 Devon Road
Kingston 6
Tel: (876) 927-9941-3
Fax: (876) 968-8229
E-mail[email protected]


Officer in Charge
Office of the Prime Minister
Regional Office
10 Delisser Drive
Montego Bay
St. James
Tel: (876) 979-3415
Fax: (876) 979-0052
E-mail[email protected]


When complaints are lodged at the Office of the Prime Minister, we will:

  • acknowledge them within two (2) working days;
  • conduct an investigation and provide you with a progress report; and
  • Where we determine there to be operational weaknesses, ensure corrective action to avoid similar incidents.

If dissatisfied, you may contact:

The Senior Director
Standards and Monitoring Unit
Citizen’s Charter/Customer Service Unit
Cabinet Office
2a Devon Road
Kingston 6
Tel: (876) 929-1423
Fax: (876) 929-6676

If you are still dissatisfied, you may ask your Member of Parliament or the Public Defender to investigate your complaint.

For information on how to reach your Member of Parliament, you may contact:

The Clerk
Houses of Parliament
Gordon House
Duke Street
Tel: (876) 922-0200
Fax: (876) 967-0064
E-mail: [email protected]

You may contact the Public Defender at:

Office of the Public Defender
78 Harbour Street
Tel: (876) 922-7089
Fax: (876) 922-9830
E-mail: [email protected]