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PM Holness Remarks at the 1st Extraordinary Inter-Sessional Summit of the OACPS
Statement from Prime Minister Andrew Holness
Policy Statement – Prime Minister of Jamaica The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, MP at the General Debate – 74Th Session of the United Nations General Assembly New York, 27th September 2019
Intervention by Prime Minister of Jamaica the Most Hon Andrew Holness, ON, MP at the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative High Level Event: Progress and Perspectives on Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls, UNGA, New York
Report delivered by the Prime Minister of Jamaica The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, MP  on behalf of the Climate Finance and Carbon Pricing Track
Statement by the Prime The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, Prime Minister ON, MP at the High Level Panel on Sustainable Ocean Economy

NHT Windcrest Hill Handing-Over Ceremony

January, 22 2021
I received two conflicting calls, which I will just give you an insight into both before I begin my presentation and that is a precursor to an apology for being a few minutes after the start of the projected start time of this event, one call was prime minister, how other countries get vaccine, and we don't get the vaccine yet. And I proceeded to explain that we have vaccines on the way.  And then another call was prime minister make on an owner doing with this vaccine business room, because there is obviously the fear of vaccines, the ambivalence with vaccines. Again, I spent some time explaining the measures that are in place, and I could only conclude for both in reassuring that the government of Jamaica is doing everything possible to ensure that we have access to vaccines, but that whatever vaccines we decide to use here, that they are safe. Jamaica has had a long and successful history in deploying vaccines. I remember at primary school, when I had to stand in the line for the vaccine and some of you can relate to this, that when your time came at the front of the line, you…

Certificate of Title Handing-Over Ceremony On January 15, 2021

January, 15 2021
Now that the camera has captured me at the podium with my mask on for the convenience of speaking and the clarity of your hearing, I will remove my mask and place it in a clean place. Before I make my address to you regarding titling and land issues, let me reiterate that we are still under the Disaster Risk Management Act as it relates to the necessary infection prevention protocols that have to obtain to control the spread of the corona virus. I'm scanning the room and I'm not going to count because just by scanning it appears, we have more than fifteen persons gathered. Nevertheless, the rules as they are structured give certain exemptions to official functions which this would fall under that rubric and regardless of whether or not there is an exemption to the gathering rule there is no exemption to the social distancing rule and to the wearing of masks. So, I'm satisfied that the organizers of the event have chosen a spacious place where the attendees can be appropriately distanced and so from this event we're not expecting that there will be any increase in the numbers and in addition to that you have…

Statement on Damage from Tropical Storm Zeta – Prime Minister Andrew Holness

October, 27 2020
To the Houses of Parliament At Jamaica Conference Centre on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 2:00 pm Thank you, Madam Speaker. Thank you, members, for obliging me to make this presentation. Madam Speaker as is our practice our statements will be provided to the leader of opposition business and the opposition spokesperson, I believe that is being done now. Madam Speaker, the rains we experienced over the last few days were in part due to a broad area of low pressure over the western Caribbean, which is usual for the month of October and sometimes into November.  However, we also had to contend with the of outer bands of Tropical Storm Zeta which developed west of Jamaica. The traditional peak of the September to November primary rainfall season occurs in October and is expected to provide enough rainfall to last through the December to March dry period and from what we have seen though we have not had the official report from the MET office, we have had significant rainfalls which we hoped would have recharged our aquifers, certainly, our dams have been filled to capacity now. Madam Speaker, you will recall that in 2018 around this time we had…

National Heroes Day Message 2020

October, 19 2020
Celebrating the people who make Jamaica the great, iconic, and internationally known power house, is the essence of our National Heroes Day Celebrations. Indeed, our national heroes, our academics, athletes, artistes and musicians, political forefathers, security forces, civil servants and front-line workers contribute to making Jamaica a better place. In the words of our first National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey: “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” Our heroes of the past have built a legacy for us today that we must acknowledge and be grateful for. We must never allow their contributions to be forgotten.  We must teach our young people the history of our nation; so that they can take pride in the resilience of our ancestors and be inspired to emulate their greatness. As we celebrate Heroes Day 2020, we must also recognize our modern-day heroes and salute the country's front-line workers for the critical role they play as we unite to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.  Today, on behalf of a grateful nation, I say thank you. As a nation, we first celebrated National Heroes Day on October 20, 1969, in honour of the heroic Jamaican…

The Most Hon. Andrew Holness, Prime Minister of Jamaica Opening Remarks on Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 & Beyond on 29 September 20

September, 29 2020
I am pleased to again join my co-convenors, Prime Minister Trudeau and Secretary-General Guterres, in welcoming Heads of State and Government and all participants, to this high-level discussion. COVID-19 has had grave impact, having taken over a million lives and the livelihoods of hundreds of millions. When we met on the 28th of May, the huge dimensions and devastating consequences of the COVID-19 crisis were already evident. It had become clear that this crisis was multi-dimensional; it was not only a health crisis but also an economic crisis. The reality for developing countries is one of overburdened health systems, weak infrastructure and inadequate fiscal resources to respond effectively to the social and economic consequences of the pandemic. Caribbean islands, with heavy dependence on service industries, particularly tourism have been among the most severely impacted. The poor, the vulnerable and our women have been primary victims. Governments have started to implement fiscal and other measures to address the most urgent consequences. Multilateral financing institutions, notably the World Bank, the IMF and regional banks have mobilized support. However, as public finances around the world come under pressure, attracting and leveraging private capital is a critical part of the recovery. Much more will…

Remarks on NIDS – Prime Minister Andrew Holness

September, 28 2020
The Sitting of the House of Representatives on September 29,2020 Well, since the leader of opposition business has raised this matter of the standing order, I have committed to this House and I've given direction to the members of the government side that our actions must be dignified, they must be integrous and we must be efficient. In the debate that ensued regarding the question allowed to be posed by the opposition member and thee right of every member to ask a question, I urge members to consider when do we reach the limit of the individual right of each member versus the right of the citizens of this country to see their business effectively dealt with. Should the right of the individual member outweigh the right of the parliament to conclude its business in the interest of the people of this country? When Madam Speaker, will the members of this House place the national interest above the individual interest? Madam Speaker, though I did not ask for the protection I welcome it. Having been in this parliament, not as long as most or many who have been here for five terms or more and some members eight and ten, we've…

Address By The Most Honourable Andrew Holness ON, MP Prime Minister of Jamaica At the COVID-19 Press Conference On August 21, 2020

September, 09 2020
Thank you, Naomi. Good afternoon to everyone here and everyone listening on radio and television, and of course everyone listening in on social media. The Ministry of Health has announced already, yesterday, that we've had 98 new cases in the last 24 hours. Our cumulative number of cases is now 1,290 and we now have 416 active new cases. As of yesterday, we had 31 persons hospitalized including suspected positive cases of COVID-19. We also have 55 persons isolated in government facilities, 336 isolated at home, and 9 quarantined in a government facility. We also have 28,741 persons quarantined at home. Now, I quite well know and understand that most Jamaicans would see this as cause for panic. I would say, yes, it is a cause for serious concern but not a cause for panic. You will recall in previous press conferences that I've said that we expect that there will be increases in our numbers, particularly as a result of the reopening of our borders and the reopening of the economy towards its full operating capacity. We've also said that now we are in the phase of managing risks and we have done a very good job in managing…

Address By The Most Honourable Andrew Holness ON, MP Prime Minister of Jamaica and Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, Minister of Health At the COVID-19 Press Conference On August 24, 2020

September, 09 2020
Thank you, Naomi.  Good afternoon everyone here and listening in radio land and television land and of course to our friends in social media. First of all, Naomi before you mentioned that i chaired the COVID Sub Committee of Cabinet but at that meeting we also discussed the weather situation and the flooding that has taken place. Before we go into the COVID matters let me spend a little time on the heavy rains that the island has been experiencing since yesterday arising from tropical storm Laura.  Several parishes have experienced severe flooding and landslide damage. This has impacted a number of communities for example the Bamboo River community in St Thomas, has experienced flooding as a result of the Bamboo River overflowing its banks due to heavy siltation at the mouth of the river. This is of particular concern as the community is currently under quarantine as part of the COVID-19 control measures. ODPEM is monitoring the situation and work is underway to clear blocked roads and thoroughfares island wide. I ask all Jamaicans to exercise care and to monitor the reports from the MET office and ODPEM. Later on in the press conference we have representatives from the…

Remarks By The Most Honourable Andrew Holness ON, MP Prime Minister In Parliament On July 28, 2020

September, 09 2020
Mr. Speaker, as we all know, the measures under the Disaster Risk Management Act will expire on Friday, July 31, 2020. As we usually do Mr Speaker,  in the renewal of the Orders, I would make a public statement, an update to the country as to the proposed changes and then I would come to Parliament, present it to Parliament so that Parliament can have some review on the proposed changes and I think that this has become routine and a successful plan and I would attribute the successes that we've had to the governance that we have put in place to allow for the oversight of parliament in these measures so Mr Speaker, let me start with our usual graph.  On the first graph displayed, the solid black line which is now appearing shows the cumulative number of cases as announced yesterday as we are at as of yesterday 583 cases and I believe that two cases have been added today from the press release I've seen so we are now at 855 with 10 additional recoveries. The dotted black line which you're seeing below the solid black line just for reference that is showing where we would have…