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Montego Bay Bypass Road Project Will Pave the Path for Economic Growth – Prime Minister Holness  

Montego Bay Bypass Road Project Will Pave the Path for Economic Growth – Prime Minister Holness  

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Montego Bay Perimeter Road is poised to spur economic growth and create new opportunities for both the city of Montego Bay in St. James and the western region of Jamaica.

The new roadway is being constructed as a bypass for the city of Montego Bay to reduce traffic congestion.

Prime Minister Holness on January 8 toured a section of the road and gave an update on the progress of the infrastructure project.

The Prime Minister underscored the government’s commitment to complete the bypass efficiently but, more importantly, to create new corridors for progress and sustainable economic growth.

“Construction is now underway, forming the foundation of possibly the longest bridge ever built in Jamaica. This project is going to be a landmark project for infrastructure in Jamaica. We intend to complete this in record time, but we are also going to be opening up many new corridors for development,” said Prime Minister Holness.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the considerable progress already achieved, with over 60% of the route excavated to a point where 4-wheel-drive vehicles can traverse it. Emphasizing the significance of supporting infrastructure, Prime Minister Holness expressed satisfaction with the meticulous planning of interchanges, drainage systems, culverts, and other essential components.

At present, 250 local Jamaican skilled workers are employed on the project, with 25 of them at the management level. Approximately 700 workers are expected to be employed on the project at its peak.

A key focus of the infrastructure project is a commitment to environmental preservation. Prime Minister Holness has directed that measures be implemented to protect bird sanctuaries and any artifacts discovered during construction.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness says the Montego Bay Perimeter Road will lead to the emergence of new opportunities for housing, marking the next phase of investment in the parish.

The Prime Minister emphasized the growth of industries, citing the recent launch of a new industrial facility to be built by National Baking Company as a testament to the positive economic impact the road project will have on the city and wider parish.

The Montego Bay Bypass Road is anticipated to alleviate traffic congestion in the city significantly, enhancing the experience for residents and visitors alike.