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Prime Minister Holness Pledges Prosperity Through New Social Housing Programme

Prime Minister Holness Pledges Prosperity Through New Social Housing Programme

“There is a programme in place that is every single day becoming more efficient in the delivery of this kind of assistance. So we will get to you. We will bring prosperity to you. Keep the faith. Be patient. And remember, you too have an important role to play in your own prosperity.”

-Prime Minister Holness


Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to the mission of moving Jamaica from poverty to prosperity as he recently handed over a new house in Northwest Clarendon under the New Social Housing Programme (NSHP). Prime Minister Holness said as the leader of Jamaica he is determined to pay attention to the personal struggles and suffering of the people. He emphasized the government’s dedication to improving the lives of Jamaican citizens. “When I was elected, I made a commitment that we are going to transform lives from poverty to prosperity, and that commitment still stands,” said Prime Minister Holness. The Prime Minister acknowledged the challenges posed by negative narratives but stressed that the realities and statistics reveal that every day in Jamaica, somebody’s life is being improved.  He also highlighted that more people are being uplifted by government policies. The Prime Minister asserted that prosperity is a collaborative effort that includes civil society, the business community, and the government, with every individual taking a central role in their own journey towards prosperity. The Prime Minister noted that some 6,000 households are in need of assistance under the NSHP. Almost 170 have so far been assisted. He assured Jamaicans that the government is making the programme more efficient to deliver assistance to as many as possible. In the meantime, the Prime Minister also took the opportunity to encourage Jamaicans to participate in the ongoing census, emphasizing its importance in helping the government better understand and serve the needs of all citizens.

Prime Minister Holness appealed for patience, faith, and an optimistic perspective on life, as the government works towards the mission of moving Jamaica into a prosperous future and giving hope to people.  “Maintain a positive outlook on life. Do not give up. Do not lose hope. Do not lose faith. Prosperity is on its way. It is on the horizon and for 200 households they have seen prosperity. So the mission of the government is still to move Jamaica from poverty to prosperity,” Prime Minister Holness said. The New Social Housing Programme is a testament to the government’s dedication to this mission, ensuring that prosperity reaches every corner of Jamaica.