Jamaica Defence Force

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), as Jamaica’s military body is the country’s last line of defence. The military is the ultimate force by which the state may apply force or the threat of force to protect its existence. The JDF stays in a constant state of readiness, poised to take action in any national emergency.

The JDF is mandated to defend Jamaica against external aggression and internal civil disorder, maintain the integrity of Jamaica’s waters and airspace and to provide aid to the Civil Authorities, relating to:

    • Restoration/maintenance of law and order;
    • Counter-narcotics operations;
    • Search and Rescue (SAR);
    • Casualty Evacuation;
    • Humanitarian and disaster relief operations;
    • Defence diplomacy;
    • Nation building projects;
    • Contingency planning; and
    • State ceremonial duties.
Agency/Department Head

Major General Rocky Meade (Chief of Defence Staff)

Up Park Camp

Kingston 5

(876) 926-8121-9 [Phone]

(876) 926-8243 [Fax]