Nurses’ Day Message 2020

Today on Nurses’ Day I pay special tribute to our hardworking Jamaican nurses who have shown great courage, kindness, and bravery in the face of a global pandemic.

It takes an individual with a special heart to devote themselves to a profession requiring them to provide constant care and tend to the healthcare needs of others. Indeed, nurses are invaluable assets in the Jamaican healthcare system and as the world battles against Covid-19, our nurses, are on the frontline, providing life-saving interventions, gentle care, and reassurance with a spirit of kindness, to those who are sick.

My administration recognizes the dedication of our nurses; we are proud and deeply grateful that they have chosen to serve their country in this way. As a country, we express our gratitude to our nurses for their sacrifice, compassion, selflessness and commitment to the health and well-being of Jamaicans. They are beacons of hope and towers of strength; working under enormous strain to deliver the best patient care possible, and we salute them wholeheartedly.

I use this Nurses’ Day, to remind our citizens, to avoid discriminating against our nurses especially as they care for COVID-19 patients; be kind and courteous to them as they toil daily to ensure our health, at great personal sacrifice to themselves and at risk to their own health.

We are all in this health crisis together; rather than discriminate, let us celebrate our nurses for their unwavering dedication and dignity of purpose, and their indispensable role in “Nursing the world back to health”.

Happy Nurses’ Day!