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A Remarkable Improvement – Prime Minister

A Remarkable Improvement – Prime Minister

The Government of Jamaica proudly acknowledges the country’s advancement in the global press freedom rankings, as reported by the international organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on May 3. This year, Jamaica has risen from 32nd to 24th place, a testament to the nation’s commitment to creating a safe and open environment for journalists.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness commented on the achievement, “This remarkable improvement in our rankings not only underscores our unwavering commitment to media freedom but also reflects the successful implementation of our policies aimed at enhancing the flow of factual and timely information to our citizens.”

Minister with Responsibility for Information, Robert Nesta Morgan, attributes this success to the government’s proactive policies on information access and initiatives to enrich the information ecosystem for public benefit. “This ranking reaffirms Jamaica’s dedication to improving conditions for journalistic work, ensuring the safety of media professionals, and fostering an atmosphere where press freedom is integral to our strong democracy and increased government transparency and accountability,” stated Minister Morgan.

In efforts to make government information more accessible, Jamaica has improved electronic portals and enhanced the availability of government service representatives to address public inquiries. These measures are part of a broader strategy to ensure the public’s right to information, emphasizing Jamaica’s role as a leader in press freedom in the Caribbean and beyond.

RSF’s report highlights Jamaica’s consistent progress in protecting the right to information, a cornerstone of a dynamic democracy.

Minister Morgan concluded, “Jamaica remains committed to deepening our engagement with government bodies, media groups, and civil society to address new challenges and bolster the resilience of our press freedom landscape.”

By continuing to support these foundational principles, Jamaica aims to maintain and advance its standing as a beacon of press freedom on the global stage.