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Successful Launch of Community Consultation on Government’s SPARK Programme

Successful Launch of Community Consultation on Government’s SPARK Programme

The Government on Thursday (May 2) began the first in a series of island-wide community consultations on the road improvement initiative, SPARK, which was announced by Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The first consultation took place in the community of Duhaney Park in the constituency of St. Andrew, Western.

Scores of residents attended and detailed to government officials and technocrats roads in desperate need of repair.

Speaking at the consultation, Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie stressed that this monumental initiative is aimed at revitalizing over 2,000 roads across the entire island of Jamaica. He said the roads selected for rehabilitation will come from consulting with residents of the communities.

“The SPARK programme will address road improvement in a comprehensive manner. We will ensure proper drainage, sidewalks, and the proper laying of pipes and fibre. We want to ensure the roads have a longer lifespan and that you, the residents, play an active role in the success of the programme,” said Minister McKenzie.

In the meantime, Director of the Constituency Development Fund, CDF, Kedesha Rochester, says the process is non-partisan and encourages residents to submit the roads to be addressed.

“The execution of the SPARK programme involves expert technocrats who are dedicated to upholding principles of transparency, accountability, and collaboration. As a community member, your support and active involvement in this initiative are crucial. The repair of roads using funds allocated from taxpayers’ contributions is a collective effort aimed at enhancing the local infrastructure. As technocrats executing the SPARK programme, we are committed to ensuring transparency, accountability, and collaboration. So it is important that the communities support this programme. This is your tax money at work. Please submit your roads for repair,” said Mrs. Rochester.

For the first time in our nation’s history, these vital infrastructure upgrades are fully funded by your Government, given the country’s economic improvements.

This also signals a significant commitment by the Government to enhancing transportation networks and bolstering community connectivity of the road network infrastructure.

Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Western, the Opposition’s Anthony Hylton, has also welcomed the programme and urged residents to play their part.

The community consultation series will continue across the island.

SPARK is a two-year road rehabilitation programme to transform the island’s roadways.

The consultation on Thursday was also attended by the Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Andrew Swaby, representatives of the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, KSAMC, the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, the National Water Commission, NWC, and the National Works Agency, NWA.