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Don’t Repeat the Errors of Past Generations Prime Minister Holness Urges 2022 Youth Summer Employment Programme (YSEP) Participants

Don’t Repeat the Errors of Past Generations Prime Minister Holness Urges 2022 Youth Summer Employment Programme (YSEP) Participants

Government Will Continue to Invest in Programmes That Will Give Young People Hope for a Brighter Future.


Six thousand (6000) young people will be deployed across various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government following the launch of the Youth Summer Employment Programme (YSEP) 2022.

Speaking at the launch ceremony at the Manning’s School in Westmoreland yesterday (July 15, 2022), Prime Minister Holness urged the young people employed in the programme to maintain a responsible and optimistic approach to life and not to take decisions that will negatively impact their future. He urged them to learn from the mistakes of the past, so as not to repeat them.

The Prime Minister said: “Don’t repeat the errors of past generations, you must be the generation of optimism, hope and positivity; the ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ generation of Jamaica. I am here because I love you and I want to see you all successful and this Government will continue to invest in your future.”

In entering the world of work, Prime Minister Holness encouraged young people to distinguish themselves and to strive for success in all they do, by having a posture of service, a good attitude towards work and good work ethic.

The Prime Minister said, “Come with a smile, come with a listening ear, come with an attitude of learning, come with humility, come with empathy and passion for the people with whom you will be engaging and give respect.”In keeping with the Government’s push to improve service delivery, efficiency, and customer satisfaction as part of the newly launched Service Excellence Programme, Prime Minister Holness told young people that giving good service within the context of their jobs, must not be confused with being servile, but rather is a mark of ensuring that those who interface with government services are given a good experience

In addition, the Prime Minister implored youth to adopt methods of working smartly every day and applying innovation and creativity to their jobs.

Further, the Prime Minister urged young people to make good decisions today and start a habit of saving for the future.

The Youth Summer Employment Programme has so far engaged 27,500 young people since its inception, with over 500 obtaining permanent employment within the Government.