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EGC Members are Volunteers

EGC Members are Volunteers
Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Chairman of the Economic Growth Council Michael Lee-Chin in discussion at a press conference held at Jamaica House on Wednesday, August 17

The Office of the Prime Minister takes note of a media report and public interest on whether members of the newly formed Economic Growth Council will get a salary.

The Office wishes to point out that from the outset, it was highlighted that members of the EGC are volunteers who have decided to give back to Jamaica by participating in this initiative. Members of the council have neither sought nor will be afforded a salary for the work they have done or will do.

Mr Lee Chin in his address yesterday, highlighted the fact that the EGC’s work is being done voluntarily and the government may have to find ways to absorb some of the administrative expenses of the commission.

The Ministry wishes to point out that, the government will on occasion absorb administrative costs related to the proper functioning of Commissions. This approach is typical to commissions such as the Economic Policy Oversight Committee (EPOC) and the Electricity Sector Enterprise Team (ESET).