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Extension of Measures Under the Disaster Risk Management Act

Extension of Measures Under the Disaster Risk Management Act

A number of the existing measures to control the spread of COVID-19, which expire on November 16, 2020 under the Disaster Risk Management (Enforcement Measures) (No. 15) Order, 2020, are being extended through an amendment to the Order.

  • The islandwide curfew time will remain at 9 pm – 5 am each day, continuing from 9 pm tonight, Monday November 16, until 5 am on December 1, 2020.
  • As it relates to the provision of public transportation:
    • Public transportation by motor vehicle being limited to one person less than the maximum number of persons allowed to be carried under the relevant license will remain in effect until November 30, 2020.
    • As currently obtains, public transportation operators will be allowed one hour before and one hour after the curfew to get to or from base to home.
    • It is to be noted that no passengers are allowed to be transported during these one-hour periods.
    • Drivers are to comply with the requirements of keeping windows open and having the air conditioning turned off when operating the vehicle.
  • The current protocols under the Controlled Entry Programme for both residents and visitors will remain in effect until November 30, 2020.  While the requirements for pre-testing and quarantine, etc. remain the same, various operational improvements continue to be implemented to streamline the processing of arriving passengers at our airports.

All the other measures which are slated to expire on November 30, 2020 under the existing Disaster Risk Management (Enforcement Measures) (No. 15) Order, 2020 therefore continue to remain in effect. Some of these are:

  • The gathering limit will remain at 15 persons until November 30, 2020.
  • The ban on funeral services and parties or events will continue until November 30, 2020.  Burials will continue to be allowed with strict observation and enforcement of the 15-person rule.
  • Regular church or religious services operating in compliance with the established protocols may continue.  However, congregants are reminded that gatherings in excess of 15 persons are not allowed outside the place of worship.
  • The restrictions applicable to hospitals, nursing homes and infirmaries remain in place until November 30, 2020.
  • The age limit for the ‘stay at home’ measure remains at 65 until November 30, 2020. Persons 65 years and older must therefore continue to stay at home but are permitted to leave home once each day for the necessities of life. Given the high vulnerability of persons in this age group, particularly those with comorbidities, we reiterate the importance of strict adherence.

The requirement to wear a mask fitted to cover the nose and mouth when in a public place (including a workplace and a licensed public passenger vehicle) remains in effect under the Order without an expiry date.

Cabinet is currently assessing and reviewing the situation and will advise on the measures applicable for December 2020 and in particular the Christmas period, in another two weeks.

We encourage all Jamaicans to strictly observe all the protocols and measures to control the spread of COVID-19 to save lives and preserve livelihoods.