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Government Launches Jamaica Screen Development Initiative to Boost Local Film Industry 

Government Launches Jamaica Screen Development Initiative to Boost Local Film Industry 

“We care about our culture and entertainment, and so we are going to invest in them and that investment will yield greater productivity and greater prosperity.”


– Prime Minister Holness

The Government of Jamaica has officially launched the Jamaica Screen Development Initiative (JSDI). The facility is poised to propel the growth and vitality of the local film and movie industries by establishing a substantial pool of funds dedicated to supporting eligible screen-based projects over the next two fiscal years.

Speaking few weeks ago (January 31) at the Office of the Prime Minister Media Centre, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the core objectives of the one-billion-dollar financing initiative are to focus on providing opportunities for new, emerging, and established talent by creating more high-quality Jamaican content capable of competing in the global market.

Prime Minister Holness emphasized the careful consideration given to the beneficial impacts of the fund.

“We have had to weigh very carefully these decisions about funding by putting in place a system and a structure. We are not just going to fund foreign films that may qualify for expense rebates, but we will develop an ecosystem that will one day produce iconic movies,” said Prime Minister Holness.

The Prime Minister also underscored the importance of building infrastructure to facilitate destination filming in the country. “The infrastructure itself draws people. We need the backdrops. We have the lovely natural backdrop, but we also need the built environment to also reflect the backdrop.”

Prime Minister Holness stressed the broader significance of infrastructure development, connecting it to the preservation and promotion of Jamaican history and culture. He cited examples such as the parish of St. Thomas, with its rich stories of Nanny of the Maroons and the Morant Bay rebellion.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister outlined the need for new policy approaches to develop, retain, and attract talent to Jamaica, particularly in the field of film.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness affirmed the government’s commitment to a caring economy, noting continued investments in health care, public order, public sanitation, housing, security, culture, and entertainment that will yield greater productivity and greater prosperity.

“The Jamaica Screen Development Initiative is conveying the government’s dedication to fostering creativity, preserving cultural heritage, and ensuring a prosperous future for the Jamaican film industry.”