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“Selection Process and Protocols for NSHP Fair”- Prime Minister Holness

“Selection Process and Protocols for NSHP Fair”- Prime Minister Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has highlighted the fair and diverse modalities and protocols through which beneficiaries are selected for the New Social Housing Programme (NSHP).

Speaking at the New Social Housing Ribbon Cutting ceremony held on Friday, February 2, 2024, in Low Ground District in North Central Clarendon, Prime Minister Holness explained the government’s commitment to providing affordable housing for Jamaicans in need.

“People from all across Jamaica write to the Ministry of Housing. Sometimes they write into their local government as well through the Indigent Housing Programme, and those letters oftentimes end up on my desk for review after they have gone through some amount of filtering to make sure that the cases are genuine,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Thereafter, based upon resources, the analysis of needs, and the availability of land, the beneficiaries are selected.

Mr. Donald Perkins, the latest recipient of the government’s initiative, served as a poignant example of the programme’s flexibility and accessibility.

Highlighting Mr. Perkins’ case, Prime Minister Holness noted, “The New Social Housing Programme is typically MP-driven, but this case is unique, as it originated from Mr. Perkins’ initiative through his daughter’s appeal directly to the government.”

Prime Minister Holness emphasized the programme’s inclusivity and addressed concerns about the programme being MP-centric.

The Prime Minister said: “I stressed that point because there have been criticisms and concerns raised about the programme being MP-driven, and we want to emphasize that Members of Parliament do have probably, along with the churches, the best reconnaissance in constituencies to identify needs. It’s not the only mechanism to identify needs, but they have fairly good machinery along with the churches and other community and civic groups, and we try to pull in from MPs and pastors. We have had cases where the recommendation has come from school principals. We have had recommendations from the police. We have had recommendations coming from JPs.”

The Prime Minister also provided insights into the broader scope of the Social Housing Programme, underscoring that the programme is not only about building homes but also providing extensive housing support and addressing various needs.

Mr. Perkins was the beneficiary of a one-bedroom starter unit with an ensuite bathroom and convertible living space.