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Government to Launch Design Competition for Housing Solutions

Government to Launch Design Competition for Housing Solutions

The Government is set to launch a design competition for housing solutions across the island.

The announcement was made yesterday (July 30) by Prime Andrew Holness while speaking at the Handing over ceremony for social housing at Moore Pen Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine.

Prime Minister Holness said his Government is always seeking to be different, especially in finding ways to lower the costs of developing housing solutions for every Jamaican.

In that regard, the Prime Minister said improving technology is critical. The competition will allow creative Engineers and Architects to compete by submitting designs to lessen the cost for the development of  various housing projects.

“We are going to be calling upon our Engineers and our Architects to come together with engineering designs, architectural designs and material selections that would see a lower cost but high quality solution that we can use and replicate right across Jamaica. More details of this competition will be announced next week but I know there are many creative Engineers, Architects and builders who would want to participate in such a competition,” said Prime Minister Holness.

With that in mind, Prime Minister Holness further stated that the Government is ensuring that they are not adding bureaucracy to the social housing project.

“It is a long process, it is a complicated process, but you can rest assured that your Prime Minister is ensuring that it is done efficiently, cost effectively, and speedily so that you can realize your dreams,” said Prime Minister Holness.