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Jamaica is Good for Business

Jamaica is Good for Business

The objective of the Government is to convert these great assets that we have into prosperity – Prime Minister Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says a strong Government and good governance have been the catalysts for improvement and recovery in the economy post-pandemic.

Speaking yesterday, (November 29, 2022) at the Invest Jamaica Conference in Montego Bay, Prime Minister Holness stressed that the speed of the country’s recovery can be attributed to making the right decisions for the overall good of the country while balancing lives and livelihood.

Prime Minister Holness said;

“We managed the pandemic in such a way that we didn’t have to sacrifice businesses, we ensured that businesses could recover quickly. Now we are happy to say that our tourism product has recovered.”

The Prime Minister continued, noting that the recovery after the pandemic is phenomenal, especially after several months of complete shutdown of the industry.  Given this fact as evidence of the robustness of the Jamaican economy, the Prime Minister says now, more than ever, the country is equipped and poised for greater investment.

Highlighting Jamaica’s peak performance in tourism, and the high employment rate, Prime Minister Holness encouraged greater investment in the country.

“If you are looking for a place that is near your shores, on the same time zones, accessible, an hour and a half from any major destination that you may be originating from, and you want high-quality labour that can easily communicate, then Jamaica is the place,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Further, the Prime Minister underscored that the objective of the Government is to convert the country’s assets into prosperity.

The Prime Minister said:

“Jamaica has one of the oldest democracies of modern time and it can become the country that has converted its democracy, its political stability and its economic sustainability into prosperity for the people.”

The Prime Minister gave the assurance that the Government and people of Jamaica are committed to the journey of advancement and prosperity of the nation and therefore welcome investments that will accomplish this mission.