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Jamaica Looks to Strengthen Bi-lateral Relations With Africa

Jamaica Looks to Strengthen Bi-lateral Relations With Africa

As Jamaica joins Africa in celebrating and recognizing Africa Day 2021, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says there are significant opportunities for lucrative trade, investment and tourism links between Africa and the Caribbean.

The Prime Minister says connectivity is the greatest link between the region and Africa. In his remarks during the Africa Day webinar today (May 25, 2021), Prime Minister Holness highlighted major bi-lateral agreements signed between the Republic of South Africa and Jamaica.

Agreements signed so far, include direct flights from Nigeria to Kingston; other flight arrangements are being pursued. It is envisioned that this will create “more powerful engagement, and exchange of a range of goods and services between the Continent and its Sixth Region.”

Additionally, the Government of Jamaica recently appointed its first Ambassador/Special Envoy for Investment to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Togo. Prime Minister Holness said the Government has been actively pursuing trade and investment routes that support our business opportunities.

“We are preparing to unleash new strategies for travel, trade and investment, anchored in the will of our people to unite.  There is the need for Government policies and inter-governmental arrangements to facilitate contacts between our countries to foment even higher levels of trade and investment with economic returns to our people.  This will require us to define the goods and services for which we are globally competitive, and re-direct our investment and trade arrangements to include Africa and its Diaspora,” said Prime Minister Holness.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister said the country is on a path to promote itself as a hub for trade relations and investment arrangement between Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. He noted that activating the African Diaspora of the Caribbean and the Americas as the sixth Region of the African Union is therefore imperative at this time.