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Jamaica to Recover Stronger – PM Holness

Jamaica to Recover Stronger – PM Holness

With the reopening of several sectors, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has expressed  optimism as it relates to Jamaica’s economic recovery in the COVID 19 pandemic.

“I am already seeing, where cement consumption is up; that means our construction is up; I am seeing that our manufacturers have increased their production. I am seeing where fuel consumption is trending up – very good, and I am seeing that our Jamaicans in the diaspora are continuing to support Jamaicans back home,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Prime Minister Holness said that the Government has had to do a balancing act with the opening of our borders, so that Jamaica can have some much needed activity in the tourism industry. Tourism is the country’s top foreign exchange earner and employs a significant number of Jamaicans. He said he is aware that   tourism workers are experiencing great hardships, and are  grappling with how they are going to send their children back to school. For this reason, the Prime Minister says a balance is essential to the survival of everyone.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness stated that he has been working for the people, to improve lives and livelihoods. He noted that his Administration has the highest performance record.

“The vision of the new Jamaica is well underway built by this Government – so you are dreaming of a new Jamaica, a land of peace and love and prosperity, and I am visioning your dreams and I am taking those visions and turning them into plans and plans into policy and policy into execution and execution into delivery of the dreams that you, the people of Jamaica so well deserve and so long want to see,” said Prime Minister Holness,

The Prime Minister affirmed that he will continue to work on behalf of the people to ensure that the country recovers stronger.