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National Security Council Welcomes New Commissioner and Hears Presentation from Former Colombian President

The National Security Council yesterday (April 27) welcomed the new Commissioner of Police and received from him a report and update of the operations and plans of the JCF in tackling and arresting crime, in particular murders, extortion and lottery scamming in Jamaica.

A critical element in the general crime strategy agreed by the National Security Council is to ensure the integrity of law enforcement institutions and agents. At the last meeting of the National Security Council it was determined that Area 1, which includes the parish St. James, would be the focus of systematic polygraphing of police officers.

At yesterday’s meeting the council was updated that 78 of its members who are deployed to Area 1 had been polygraphed to date. The Commissioner has instructed that members who had returned findings which raised concerns will now go through an administrative and investigative process where needed, based on the results of the polygraph.

The council also had dialogue with the former President of the Republic of Colombia, the Hon Dr Alvaro Uribe Valez, on policies and actions that were taken during his term to significantly improve public safety and security in that country. Mr Uribe said that his administration was committed to:

  1. Judicial reforms that reduced backlog in the courts;
  2. Linking security to economic prosperity;
  3. Providing opportunities for youth through apprenticeship, education and business, including formerly incarcerated persons;
  4. Adopting policies that built trust between security organisations and citizens.

Chairman of the National Security Council, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, noted that in developing Plan Secure Jamaica, the government had studied best practices and policies from several countries which have transformed their economies from stagnation to growth, and violence to peace, Columbia being a prime example of such countries.

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