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Now is The Time to Modernize Our Schools – PM Holness

Now is The Time to Modernize Our Schools – PM Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government is focused on ensuring ‘purpose-built schools’ across the island.

The declaration comes following a previous announcement by the Prime Minister, that the Government will be constructing six new schools.

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony for the St. Catherine High School Performance Arts Centre on Friday, (June 18, 2021), Prime Minister Holness said there is need for more ‘purpose-built’ institutions with high-tech digital laboratories, green spaces and play areas as well as performance arts centres.

The Prime Minister explained that modern additions such as laboratories to the learning environment, will positively impact the way in which students learn and improve their skills.

The Prime Minister stressed that with the direction in which the world is headed, great emphasis must be placed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This he notes, will assist the country to advance quickly and continue to move towards becoming a truly modern, multidimensional, and prosperous nation.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister says he has listened to the ongoing debate on whether the new schools to be built should focus exclusively on STEM areas. He says, he believes the study of the Arts is crucial, and that a focus on STEM does not come at the expense of the Arts.