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Preserving Our Culture is Important, PM Holness

Preserving Our Culture is Important, PM Holness
Prime Minister Andrew Holness participates in the restoration of Ward Theatre as part of National Labour Day activities on May 23

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says preserving our culture is important.

He was speaking at the Ward Theatre, Downtown Kingston yesterday (May 23), the site of one of two (2) National Labour Day projects.

The prime minister said that when culture gets side lined because of social issues, it is often left to be destroyed. He added that Jamaicans cannot allow this monument of our culture, this storage of our heritage to be destroyed.

“Culture is a store of value. We see wealth sometimes exclusively in monetary terms, we see wealth sometimes exclusively in economic terms, what we can trade, what we can sell, but it’s very rare that we see wealth in culture”, explained Prime Minister Holness.

Prior to its falling into disrepair, the Ward Theatre was the epicentre for the development of Jamaican theatrical activity since 1912.

Meanwhile, the prime minister also visited the Central Police Station, which was the second national project. He said the project was significant to the government’s push to improve safety and security.

“Having this as a national Labour Day project is symbolic. The people have come out to restore, and rebuild and preserve the physical symbol of law enforcement”, stated the Prime Minister.

The prime minister added that the government is working assiduously to develop a framework for a new piece of legislation, which will redefine the police force by November of this year.

Prime Minister Holness also encouraged workers and volunteers to work together to help build a better Jamaica.

“The use of our labour is not to oppose and resist and tear down ourselves, it is to work together constructively to use our labour, our energy, our industry, our enterprise for the constructive development of our country Jamaica”, declared Prime Minister Holness.

The 2017 National Labour day activities were held under the theme, “Preserve, Restore and Beautify”.