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Prime Minister Urges Public Sector Workers Not to Create a Crisis for the Country

Prime Minister Urges Public Sector Workers Not to Create a Crisis for the Country

Says the Posture of the Government is One of Understanding and Dialogue Towards a Solution that is in the Best Interest of Everyone

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is again urging public sector workers to seek to resolve their labour concerns in a way that does not disturb the ecosystem and revenue intake of our country.  The Prime Minister said industrial actions such as strikes without notice can destabilize the entire country and destroy the gains that have been made, putting the country in a worse off position to address the issues of the country’s workers.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the Area 4 Headquarters of the Jamaica Fire Brigade in Montego Bay, Prime Minister Holness said, while we are faced with an ongoing pandemic and shocks from a war overseas, “we must not create shocks for ourselves.”

Prime Minister Holness said;

“We must not bring crisis onto ourselves because the posture of the government is not an antagonist one. The posture of this government is to take on the challenges in a respectful way because we recognize that the power of the government does not only lie in the authority of the legislation but it really lies in the people and when the people act reasonably everyone benefits.”

The Prime Minister said, he acknowledges the concerns of all workers and restated the government’s commitment to resolving concerns through the well-established principles of industrial relations.

In that regard, Prime Minister Holness urged everyone not to take decisions which will disrupt the economy and the normal operations of the country.

“Our industrial relations, attitudes and behaviours, I believe, would have matured significantly over the last 50 years and I think that we can find ways, if necessary, to express our disgruntlement and our concerns for the government to hear, without depriving citizens”,  said Prime Minister Holness

The Prime Minister said:

“We acknowledge and understand there is agitation but we urge reasonableness. Let us protect the revenues coming in because that is the very thing we are negotiating about.”

Finally, the Prime Minister further urged, “Don’t go back to the last 50 years of contention. When we come together and we sit around the table to negotiate, it is better for everyone.”