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Troy Caine was a Reservoir of Political Historic Knowledge – PM Holness

Troy Caine was a Reservoir of Political Historic Knowledge – PM Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has expressed sadness at the passing of political historian and public commentator Troy Caine.

Mr. Caine died yesterday (January 10).

In paying tribute to Mr. Caine, Prime Minister Holness described him as an affable, humble man who was knowledgeable about Jamaica’s political history.

“Troy was a reservoir of political historic knowledge. He was able to easily relate information on Jamaica’s political history seamlessly and in many cases had his own first hand anecdotal perspectives. In addition, he distinguished himself in the area of journalism in researching the politics and culture of Jamaica, often appearing in the print and electronic media as a commentator on current and political issues” said Prime Minister Holness

In 2011, the Government of Jamaica conferred with the Order Distinction in the rank of Officer to Troy Caine, for his contribution to journalism in the field of political history, culture and Jamaican literature.

“Troy was also a very talented man. He was an artist, studio manager, advertising copywriter and also designed and produced calligraphic citations. This is a special art and Troy did many excellent ones including that for the late Nelson Mandela when he visited Jamaica in 1991. Jamaica has lost one of its finest citizens who made his contribution to our nation,”

Prime Minister Holness expressed condolences to Mr. Caine’s widow Denise and his daughters.