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ZOSO Declared for Communities in Savanna-la-mar South in the parish of Westmoreland

ZOSO Declared for Communities in Savanna-la-mar South in the parish of Westmoreland

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared a Zone of Special Operation (ZOSO) for some communities in Savanna-la-mar south in the parish of Westmoreland for 60 days.

Based on the recommendation of the security chiefs, members of the Jamaica Defence Force, JDF, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force, JCF,  were deployed at dawn yesterday (January 16) to several sections of the communities of Russia, Darling Street, and Dexter Street.

The announcement of the declaration was made during a press conference yesterday (Sunday, January 16, 2022) at the Office of the Prime Minister Media Centre.

The Prime Minister said: “The parish of Westmoreland has several communities captured by gangs and is currently in the grips of barbaric gangsters executing brutal terror on our people. These communities are in need of social and infrastructure intervention. Some of these communities are urban in nature and their profile fits and application of Zones of Special Operations.”

The Prime Minister further stated: “I have spent time in these areas and I am aware of the conditions of terror that people endure, I feel their pain and I know that the vast majority of residents in those gang captured communities whether, in Central Kingston, August Town or Sav South are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who simply want to live in peace. However, their lives have been imperilled by criminals inflicting terror on the community.”

The boundaries of the Sav South ZOSO are:

North: Beginning at the northern arc of Seaton Crescent in the vicinity of the mangrove on the eastern side of the Goodens River, the boundary extends in the easterly direction along Seaton Crescent then north on to Murray Street, then south on to Great Georges Street to the intersection with Rose Street then north-easterly along Rose Street on to Segre Street to the intersection of Hudson Street.

East: The boundary then extends southerly from the intersection of Serge Street and Hudson Street and continues Hudson Street then along the water feature to the east of Hudson Street to the shoreline.

South: Continuing westerly along the shoreline from where the water feature terminates to the mouth of the Gooden River where it drains into the Caribbean Sea at the edge of the mangroves.

West: The boundary then extends in a northerly direction from the mouth of Goodens Riven where it drains into the Caribbean Sea at the edge of the mangroves to the northern arc of Seaton Crescent in the vicinity of the mangrove on the eastern side of the Goodens River.

In the meantime, Chief of Defence Staff, Lt. Gen. Rocky Meade stated that a critical element of success will be the cooperation and support received from residents of the community and therefore encouraged citizens to contact the JDF tip line 876 837-8888 in addition to the JCF tip line of 311.

The JCF and JDF are committed to achieving success in Savanna-la-mar as well as all the other areas of special operations and in all areas of Jamaica, welcomed the continued support that we have received from citizens and various groups including the private sector as we strive to achieve lasting and sustainable peace within our communities,” said Lt. Gen Rocky Meade.