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Cabinet Approves Pilot Project for LNG Powered Buses

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that Cabinet has approved the use of buses powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the island.

The move is part of the Government’s thrust to greater energy efficiency in Jamaica.
The Prime Minister made his pronouncements while addressing Red Stripe board members, employees and members of the media on Tuesday (December 19) at the Launch of Red Stripe’s Production Line 8 and Liquefied Natural Gas Plant.

The long awaited historic pilot project will retrofit some JUTC buses to use LNG). The project is expected to begin in the first quarter of next year.

“Just imagine when we have a fleet of buses powered by LNG and possibly electricity, because the Government is serious about energy efficiency. The right fuel mix fuels efficiency and economy. From the micro entrepreneur to the large manufacturer, energy is a critical input,” said Prime Minister Holness.
The government earlier this year hailed the introduction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to Jamaica as a catalyst for economic growth and environmental sustainability for the island.
The Prime Minister also stated that the country is making advances in terms of investment and the government must ensure that the thrust towards the provision of clean and affordable energy is given priority.

He added that the government has carefully examined and put in place a tax structure in keeping with the mandate to incentivise the use of LNG.

“The government stands side by side in support of and behind the private sector to drive growth. We are here to support, to create the facilitating enabling and seamless environment so that you can engage in projects that will repatriate your production capacity, substitute for local raw material and make long term investments in renewing your capital equipment so you can take a risk on the future, so that the future can become the focus of the present,” said Prime Minister Holness.

He pointed out that the country is now at approximately 18% of its electricity production which is based on renewables.

“It is my view that we should be somewhere in the region of 50% but at least I want Jamaicans to be thinking that we can be sustainable if electricity production is coming mainly from renewable. The savings would be remarkable,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness in commending Red Stripe on its mega production Line 8 and LNG plant says, the Jamaican economy continues to see innovations which will improve the productive capacity of the country and positively impact the economy.

The Prime Minister culminated his address assuring the private sector of the government’ commitment to growth thus widening the door for more investment.

“This government stands in support of the private sector because it is the private sector that will lead growth and create jobs. My job is to put it all together and make it happen, #imaginethat it is happening right here at Red Stripe.”

Red Stripe’s new line now means the brewery can produce up to 1 million bottles of the Jamaican beer for the domestic and international markets. The brewer will also become the first commercial company in Jamaica to be fully LNG-powered. This means there will be a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.