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Comply and Execute to Improve Public Sector Effectiveness – Prime Minister Holness

Comply and Execute to Improve Public Sector Effectiveness – Prime Minister Holness

Individual Initiative Important to Effect Change Across Government and for Faster Service Delivery.

Prime Minister Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says as the Government continues work on improving its processes, public sector workers are encouraged to comply with internal systems while simultaneously executing.

Noting that the compliance systems in place are there to safeguard public resources, the Prime Minister says they should not be roadblocks to efficiency. He said, “We need an infusion of technocrats who are consummate in complying with the rules, but who also deliver quickly.”

The Prime Minister says it is for this reason that the Jamaica House Fellows, JHF, Programme, which selects some of Jamaica’s brightest minds to be deployed across numerous ministries, departments, and agencies, is so important. The programme, the Prime Minister says, presents an opportunity for the Government to benefit from their talent, ingenuity, and problem-solving skills.

The Prime Minister, who was addressing a farewell reception for the second cohort of JHF on Wednesday (November 2) at Jamaica House, said the Government wants to welcome into the ranks of the public sector, persons who will exercise initiative and a willingness to get things done.  In this regard, the Prime Minister says the Jamaica House Fellows programme would have exposed young Jamaicans to the complexities and the paradoxes of Government and enabled them to use their problem-solving skills to move projects and procedures forward to completion.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister said some government institutions require significant re-energization even while new institutions need to be established to treat with new and emerging trends in governance and administration.

The Prime Minister closed by commending the departing cohort of Jamaica House Fellows for their excellent work and contribution to several key policy and project areas during their tenure.