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Corn Piece Community in Clarendon Under Quarantine; PM Holness Appeal to Residents to Follows Measures

Corn Piece Community in Clarendon Under Quarantine; PM Holness Appeal to Residents to Follows Measures

Prime Minister Holness has announced that the Corn Piece community in the parish of Clarendon is now under quarantine for 14 days.

The community was quarantined following the first reported death as a result of COVID-19 – a man who is believed to have travelled to Jamaica from New York on a JetBlue flight 2959 on March 12.

The announcement was made last night (March 19) in Parliament following the Prime Minister’s 2020/2021 Budget presentation.

It is believed that the deceased stayed in the community of Corn Piece during the period of his visit while ill and had contact with several persons within the community.

According to Prime Minister Holness, the quarantine is to facilitate investigations that could lead to early detection of symptoms and prevention of transmission of the deadly COVID-19.

“It is critical that they are monitored closely within the next fourteen (14) days. Early detection of symptoms will allow for early isolation and prevention of transmission of the virus. At this time, we are unsure of the number of persons in the community that have been so exposed, and require that the community and the family comply with the quarantine order to conduct the necessary contact tracing and investigations,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement, he said the quarantine is necessary as a result of the reluctance of residents within the community to self-quarantine or to get tested. However, the Prime Minister noted that he understands the fears of some persons.

“This is all new for the people of Corn Piece. This is all new, they are traumatized at the passing of their loved one but the Jamaican state cannot run any risk with this disease. This is precisely how the disease enters into the rapid increase phase because of human failure,” said Prime Minister Holness.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness appealed to the public to do their part in fighting the novel COVID-19.

“I’m appealing to all Jamaican’s, we are not sentencing anybody, we are not taking away your liberty, you are not going to be abused but this is for your own benefit. I’m appealing, appealing to all Jamaicans, you have to play your part,” stated Prime Minister Holness.

And while the community of Corn Piece is under quarantine, Prime Minister Holness assured residence that over 1500 food packages are ready and will be dispatched in short order.

Earlier, the Prime Minister announced in his Budget presentation that all Members of Parliament will receive an additional $2 million from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) towards the fight against COVID-19.