Creative Solutions Can be Brought into the Mix – PM Holness

Creative Solutions Can be Brought into the Mix – PM Holness

Creative Solutions Can be Brought into the Mix – PM Holness
Prime Minister Andrew Holness addressing public sector union representatives this morning (January 17) at Jamaica House.
Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he appreciates and acknowledges the sacrifice public sector workers have made and is asking for consideration and understanding.

The Prime Minister called a special meeting this morning (January 17) with union representatives to discuss the ongoing wage negotiations.

The meeting was held at the Banquet Hall, Jamaica House.

Mr Holness said the meeting is in response to the calls by the various bargaining units and to ensure that there is symmetry in the response.

“This meeting is not meant to replace the formal process of negotiation but to reset them on a path where the foundation of respect is established; that the foundation of flexibility for negotiation is understood; but more importantly the atmosphere where creative solutions can be brought into the mix. Where there is the sweet spot where your economy and the national economy reaches equilibrium and co-exist together in a way that enhances each other”, explained Prime Minister Holness.

Mr Holness also expressed that the “purpose of government is not only to make the national economy grow but it is to make your personal economy grow”.

In the meantime, he declared supreme confidence in the social capital that exists in Jamaica and stated that the Government respects the role the unions play in the stability and growth of the country.

He said the open discussion will ensure that “we don’t get three or four different messages that complicate an already complex situation rather than bring us closer to a resolution”.

The Prime Minister said the Ministry of Finance team will move with alacrity and have serious engagements toward an amicable resolution.


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