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Government On Track for 70,000 Housing Solutions

Government On Track for 70,000 Housing Solutions

Prime Minister Holness Says Private Sector Involvement Will Assist in Increasing the Number of Solutions Being Brought to the Market.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government is on target to deliver on the committed  70,000 housing solutions to the market.

The Prime Minister says by the end of the year, the Government will be delivering over 9,000 solutions.

Of the 70,000 we have committed some two years ago, I am confident that we are close to delivering about 10,0000 before the year is out, between the NHT, the HAJ, the New Social Housing Programme (NSHP) and other programmes that the Government is undertaking,” says Prime Minister Holness.

The Prime Minister was speaking yesterday (August 12) at the official handing over ceremony for more than 60 new National Housing Trust (NHT) units at Industry Cove in Hanover.

With the pandemic having set back some developmental plans and construction for two years, the Prime Minister underscored that the Government is working to ensure the committed number is achieved by providing the solutions more quickly.

The Prime Minister continued: “We will in a few months announce a new programme which will see a rapid increase in the number of solutions that can be brought to the public for purchase.”

Notwithstanding, Prime Minister Holness said even more solutions can be provided if the private sector jumps on board. He noted that the Government cannot achieve meeting the demand unless assistance is given.

“I’m not speaking about private sector money, because the private sector has resources and is quite competitive in dealing with a certain segment of the society. The challenge is to get the private sector to participate in the affordable and low income elements of the market where the demand is,” said Prime Minster Holness.

He further explained that with the assistance necessary from the private sector, the contractors must be able to provide quality solutions for homeowners. With that, the Prime Minister also said the Government is actively working on ensuring that contractors are properly regulated especially through training.

Therefore, the Prime Minister assured that the Government understands the complexities that exist and is working to solve them.

“In doing the 70,000 houses we have so far solved most of the major issues on the table and the ultimate now is to ensure the contracting sector is regulated to provide quality work,” said Prime Minister Holness.