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Government Reaffirms Commitment to Social Partnership

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to social partnership.

The Prime Minister, who is the Chairman of the Partnership for a Prosperous Jamaica (PFPJ), says “the government understands the importance of building partnerships and we are committed to having genuine exchanges towards building stronger partnerships.”

Mr. Holness who met recently with stakeholders in the PFPJ said the government is committed to expanding and strengthening the PFPJ’s capacity to ensure it becomes a permanent institution in the Jamaican society.

Prime Minister Holness pointed out that the government will continue to provide whatever institutional and capacity building support needed to ensure the partnership is effective. “We are not merely interested in having a conversation; we want that conversation to result in meaningful action and that meaningful action will often require additional support,” he said.

The Prime Minister explained the idea of consensus building around national priorities cannot be the sole responsibility of the government. However, the process must be built on public trust and genuine understanding of national priorities. He further added that PFJF should operate as the umbrella group that will interact with other social partnerships such as EPOCH and the Economic Growth Council, to determine the national priorities.

The Prime Minister said he was pleased with the wide cross section of representation, which shows a great commitment to Jamaica. He also noted that the government is operating with an open arms policy and welcomes the involvement of the opposition.

Partnership for a Prosperous Jamaica, formerly Partnership for Jamaica was established in 2010, comprising representatives from civil society, private sector, trade unions and the state (government and opposition).

A new agreement will be signed on Wednesday December 7, 2016 at Kings House, as the previous one, which was signed in 2013, expired July 31.



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