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Government Taking Aggressive Steps to Promote Development of Downtown Kingston

Government Taking Aggressive Steps to Promote Development of Downtown Kingston
The Most Hon Andrew Holness, Prime Minister speaking on Wednesday, May 29 at the official opening of Grace Kennedy Headquarters Harbour Street, Kingston

The Government of Jamaica is taking more dynamic, innovative and aggressive steps to promote and encourage the greater development of Downtown Kingston.

According to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the Government has a clear and strategic plan to transform the skyline of Downtown Kingston to become the pearl of the Antilles.

“The UDC has several projects for Downtown Kingston including apartment buildings, office buildings, parking facilities and cultural and entertainment facilities and then of course you would have heard as well about the Government circle project and then you would have heard the Minister of National Security also speak about the police plaza where we’ve identified the lands for that. I looked at some amazing architectural designs that is in place and the list of projects that I’ve seen would be about 15 major construction projects slated for Kingston and St. Andrew”, said Prime Minister Holness.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the official opening of the new Grace Kennedy Headquarters on Wednesday, May 29, Harbour Street, Downtown

While lauding the Grace Kennedy Group for its commitment to remain and develop downtown Kingston, the Prime Minister outlined that the Government already has policy incentives in place for tax incentives to promote further construction in the area.

“The Government is going to be very aggressive in encouraging and promoting further developments like this. We already have incentive policies in place with the tax incentives for construction in this area (Downtown). We want to see more companies take advantage of it, ” noted Prime Minister Holness.

In the meantime, the Prime Minister made clear that the Government is cognizant of the major infrastructure work that needs to be completed to transform the city.

In that regard, he outlined that the necessary budgetary allocations will be made to facilitate the transformation.

“The necessary utility infrastructure, sewage and water in particular – sewage along this stretch, that investment will be made, we have already scoped it, we know what the cost is and it will be programmed in budgets to come. We’re making the necessary provisions to bring water into this area and we have already made the budgetary provisions for those – so the government is going to put in place everything to make sure when you decide to build you are well facilitated”, stated Prime Minister Holness.