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“I am focused on rebuilding the Economy” – Prime Minister Holness

“I am focused on rebuilding the Economy” –  Prime Minister Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says his primary focus is rebuilding the economy to ensure Jamaica recovers from the effects of Covid-19. Jamaica like other economies in the world is experiencing an economic recession as a result of the global pandemic.

Speaking on Friday (July 17), at the handing over of a house under the HOPE National Social Housing Programme, in Bogue District St. Elizabeth, Prime Minister Holness reassured the people of Jamaica, that his Administration remains focused on the needs of the people.

The Prime Minister said while others are focused on elections, “there are real people, with real issues and a real economy” that require his attention and for now, his objective is to respond to the real needs of the people.

“While others are running up and down the country trying to bring on an election and trying to create all kinds of mischief, misinformation and mayhem sometimes. In the minds of the people, there are some economic realities which your Prime Minister can’t take his eyes off. I have already started to put plans in place because we don’t allow things to happen upon us. We are sitting down, properly analyzing the situation and looking at what needs to be done,”” said Prime Minister Holness

The Prime Minister stated he will know when the time is right for the election.

The Prime Minister said:

 “As a citizen of the country, you have to ask yourself, is it words, or is it works, which is it, what matters? I don’t know the time yet, but whenever it is time, I will know. What I do know is that, it is now time for us to keep the focus on our economic recovery, and I am trying my best to make sure that there are no slips in that regard.”

In the meantime, Prime Minister Holness reinforced that the Government has created the enabling environment to empower the private sector to take up business opportunities.

“This Government has created the environment with the lowest interest rate ever in the history of Jamaica, more access to credit now more than ever in the last 40 years. These are opportunities for the private sector to take, we can be market makers, we can bring them to the table, we can make suggestions,” said Prime Minister Holness.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister added that it is time for Jamaica to be less dependent on sugar. He said the discussions must be about our prosperity as a people looking to the future, rather than looking back at the economic ventures of the past that are no longer viable, profitable or practical.