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Joint Statement – Productive Discussions on CMOC Future

Minister of National Security Dr Horace Chang and Chair of the Crime Monitoring and Oversight Committee (CMOC) Lloyd Distant, yesterday had productive discussions in relation to the Government’s engagement with CMOC.  In the meeting, which was arranged last week, both Dr Chang and Mr. Distant expressed that there was a common understanding on the principle of consensus between the Government and CMOC.  There were also wide-ranging discussions on various targets set via the consensus as well as opportunities that currently exist for continued collaboration and dialogue to improve government legislative processes. Recognizing the upcoming anniversary of the signing of the National Consensus on Crime Agreement, a future meeting in early August was agreed where discussions will continue with a view to look at effective monitoring of the Government’s National Security initiatives.  The meeting will also examine the realignment of the oversight framework to ensure that there is appropriate oversight and implementation program going forward. Dr Chang and Mr. Distant pledged to continue their open and frank engagement towards sustained achievements in the fight against crime, violence, and corruption.