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No More Kerosene Lamps or Candles – PM Andrew Holness

No More Kerosene Lamps or Candles – PM Andrew Holness
The house that was destroyed by fire in the Seiveright Gardens Division in Prime Minister Andrew Holness' constituency of West Central St. Andrew.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness revealed that he has asked the Ministry of Science Technology and Energy to fast-track a planned program aimed at replacing open flame light sources in homes with solar lights in vulnerable rural and inner-city communities.

The Prime Minister’s revelation comes after a deadly fire in his constituency last night which claimed the lives of three toddlers.

“I am deeply saddened and have instructed my office to do all that is possible to ensure the safety and comfort of the children who have survived and also ensure that those who have been made homeless by the fire find shelter and the relevant supplies to begin rebuilding their lives,” expressed Prime Minister Holness.

He continued, stating that he has also instructed that an audit is done of all households in his constituency to determine which depend on open light sources so that they can urgently be replaced.

This is the second fire in as many weeks that has claimed the lives of children and the Prime Minister reiterated that more can be done to stem the danger.

“We must do more as a society and a government to educate persons on fire safety.  The government has a role to play and we will be ensuring that no Jamaican has to use kerosene lamps or candles because they cannot afford electricity with this new initiative.”

Prime Minister Holness disheartened by the incident, extended condolences to the family of the children who died and also to the community who he knows have been traumatised by the incident.

The planned program aimed at replacing open flame light sources with solar lights is being led by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica