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Positive Things are Happening in Our Country – Prime Minister Holness

Positive Things are Happening in Our Country – Prime Minister Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government’s primary focus continues to be that of developing the country, creating opportunities, and meeting the needs of every Jamaican.

The Prime Minister was speaking today, (June 1, 2021) at the groundbreaking ceremony for “The Residences at Terra Nova” in Kingston.

According to the Prime Minister, despite the expected criticisms, he has not lost sight of his duty and commitment to serve the people of Jamaica.

While acknowledging that there are indeed challenges, the Prime Minister said we must not neglect the positives. He said, “Immediate issues are inflated and often conflated to create a negative narrative. However, there are also positives.”

He continued, “I am doing something every week, whether breaking ground or opening a new space; those messages must override the negative talk perpetuated by those who seem to want to tear down rather than build.”

The Prime Minister further stated; “The purpose of politics is to ensure that power is given to people who make things happen and not those who prevent things from happening. Every Jamaican must look at what is happening in front of them and ask themselves; ‘Who is making things happen in this country and who are those criticizing and tearing down?’”

In the meantime, with another development set to go up on the Kingston horizon, “the Residences at Terra Nova”, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the vision of the capital city of Kingston becoming the center of the Caribbean is becoming clearer.

The Prime Minister says the Government is focused on developing and redeveloping Kingston as the premier city. He continued, “The vision of Kingston is not merely a concept; the vision is Kingston being the center of the Caribbean, center of culture, center of fashion, center of music, the center of lifestyle, the center of business. We are creating an attraction and unlocking value right across the city.”

With massive projects such as the Port Royal Street Revetment project underway, and the Waterfront project soon to be announced, the Prime Minister said downtown Kingston is well on its way to becoming the place of choice to stop, shop and invest.

In that regard, the Prime Minister used the opportunity to encourage Jamaicans to invest in the country by acquiring a solid education and thereafter creating opportunities to better themselves and ultimately the economy.

“If you want to grow, if you want to do well, if you want to prosper, ensure that the people who you give power to, are the people who will use it for your development and benefit,” said Prime Minister Holness.