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Productivity and Efficiency Critical to Attracting Investments- PM Holness

Productivity and Efficiency Critical to Attracting Investments- PM Holness
Prime Minister Andrew Holness cuts the ribbon to mark the official opening of the Kupius Bridge in Clarendon on Thursday, August 3

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government will pursue a new paradigm to transform the country’s labour force.

Prime Minister Holness, who was speaking yesterday (August 3) at the opening of the Kupius Bridge in Clarendon, noted that training and up skilling of local workers on projects with international investors will be a key component going forward.

He said investors chose to invest in areas where they find discipline workers to ensure that their investment is profitable.

“It is our productivity and our efficiency that is going to be a critical asset in attracting investments here and a critical factor in whether it is Chinese, Americans, Germans, French; whoever wants to come and invest in Jamaica they must choose Jamaican workers because our workers are the most efficient and the most productive,” explained Prime Minister Holness.

Mr Holness emphasised some of the necessary values to bring the country from poverty to prosperity.

“It is not just knowing how to bend the steel, it is not just knowing how to read the plan. Mixing the mortar is important but we also want to learn how to design, we don’t only want to be makers we want to be engineers and designers. So we want to improve the skills but more than that it is the discipline,” continued the prime minister.

The prime minister also added that he is under no illusion as to what is necessary to make Jamaica the most productive and efficient place.

“When we are looking at the next iteration of our infrastructure partnership we will have to have a component of training Jamaican labourers, training Jamaican craftsmen, training Jamaican workers in not just the skills but in the necessary discipline and action towards work,” stated Mr Holness.